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Emulators are software that help emulate the hardware and software of a device. Its the consoles and smartphones, amongst other devices here.

Best PS2 emulator for PC

6 Best PS2 Emulator for PC that are working in 2022

PlayStation is a video-game console series by Sony which has sold over 400 million units combined across 4 versions. PlayStation 2(PS2) had the longest run...
Windows Emulator for Android

Best Windows PC Emulator For Android That Work In 2022

Windows has been at the forefront of the choice of users for their computer's operating system for several decades now. Most of us have used...
Windows XP emulator

Best Windows XP Emulator For Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 supports the majority of the old programs that were made for the older versions of Windows. Windows 7 even had a "Windows...
Best SNES Emulator for Windows 10

8 Best SNES Emulator For Windows 10 PC In 2022

The reigning leader of the 16-bit era, Super Nintendo Emulators(also known as SNES), practically ruled the 90s with its unparalleled 16-bit games and the...
Best Sega Saturn Emulator

7 Best Sega Saturn Emulators For PC That Works In 2022

Sega pitched their Saturn home console against Sony's PlayStation 1, which was raking in excellent reviews and sales numbers. The Sega Genesis successor had a...
windows 95 emulator

4 Best Windows 95 Emulator For PC

Windows 95 brought together the features of MSDOS and Microsoft Windows products into one operating system. The user-interface upgrade at the time blew the...
AetherSX2 Released for Android

Download AetherSX2: The PS2 Emulator’s Beta is Here

Last week we talked about how Christmas might come early for PS2 emulator fans with the release of AetherSX2. The beta version of the...
What is an Emulator

What Is An Emulator?

An emulator is a program run mainly on computers that emulate or imitate the experience of other devices. For example, you can run iOS apps...
Best PS2 Games

10 Best PS2 Games Of All Time (Best Graphics) Must Play- 2022

A lot has been talked about PlayStation 2 already, Sony's most sold video game console to date. Any console's success is directly linked to the...

Best PS4 Emulators For Windows PC To Run PS4 Games On PC In 2022

The seven years long life span of PS4 will now come to an end as Sony has recently announced PlayStation 5. Since its advent...