Skyline Nintendo Switch Emulator Development Ceased

Skyline was a tried and trusted Nintendo Switch Emulator For Android that was getting better and better with time. Sadly, Skyline Switch emulator development is being ceased.

Let’s get into details and check out what lead to the complete shutdown of this open-source and experimental switch emulator.

What Happened To Skyline Emulator?

For the proper emulation of any Nintendo Switch Game, you need the game itself and the keys dumped from your console that can decrypt the game. Lockpick is quite a popular tool that was being used to dump keys. Recently, Nintendo sent a DMCA request to GitHub asking them to take down the Lockpick project.

Nintendo stated that Lockpick “bypasses the Console TPMs to permit unauthorized access to, extraction of, and decryption of all the cryptographic keys, including product keys, contained in the Nintendo Switch.”

As soon as the developers of Skyline heard about this takedown request, they immediately ceased development.

On the official discord server of Skyline, developer Mark said,

“the risks associated with a potential legal case are too high for us to ignore, and we cannot continue knowing that we may be in violation of copyright law.” 

Additionally, On the official Skyline Website, the people working on Skyline stated that,

“All development on Skyline has been ceased due to the potential legal risks involved, this website will remain up for the time being but may be taken down in the future. Our Discord Server will still be active for the foreseeable future but will be transitioned into being for our upcoming project at some point. We want to thank everyone who enjoyed Skyline in the past few years.”