Nintendo Sues Switch Emulator Yuzu

One of the most popular and mainstream open-source Nintendo Switch Emulators, Yuzu is being sued by Nintendo.

According to Nintendo, Yuzu executes codes that “defeat” Nintendo’s security measures, including decryption using “an illegally obtained copy of prod.keys.”

In a nutshell, Nintendo stated that Yuzu has indirectly supported piracy and the multi-million dollar company used the Legend of Zelda leaks before the actual launch as an example. It’s worth noting that Yuzu has never given out copies of the games. That said, a majority of ROM websites suggest people or simply direct them to Yuzu to play the games they downloaded.

Nintendo further added,

“A video game emulator is a piece of software that allows users to unlawfully play pirated video games that were published only for a specific console on a general-purpose computing device.” insinuating emulators facilitate piracy.

If you want to read the entire lawsuit feel free to check the screenshots shared by Twitter user Stephen Tatilo,

If you remember, almost a year ago we reported that, weeks before the launch The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom was already leaked online, and using a Nintendo Switch Emulator it was already running on a PC.

At the time of writing this article, Nintendo is seeking compensation and immediate shutdown of the emulator.