PS4 Emulator is Almost There – RPCSX

We have had PS2 emulators for years now and most games work on it. Even PlayStation 3 emulators have made some progress after the initial hiccups.

But there has been low success for Ps4 emulators until RPCSX for Linux appeared on Github. And by the name of it, you can guess that team behind is the same as the veteran PS3 emulator RPCS3.

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Can we play games on PS4 Emulator?

The short answer is no. This PS4 emulator is still in the early development stage. You cannot run any game yet.

And if you remember the RPCS3’s journey, it followed a similar path and took years to get substantial success for PS3 games.

What’s Next?

PS2 took the shortest time towards emulators but we expect a long development run for RPCSX. The developers behind it are volunteers who have their full-time jobs and families.

They work on the emulator in their free time. You can join their Discord channel to stay updated about the developments.

PS4 Games are Already on the PC

Many popular PS4 titles have made their way official to the PC gaming segment through porting. But not every game has made the cut.

The games you like may never become officially on PC. And for that, you can wait for RPCSX to do its magic.