A New Switch Emulator Might Soon Replace Skyline

A few days ago we reported that the popular Skyline Nintendo Switch Emulator Development Was Ceased.

Well, a new emulator that goes by the name The Strato Emulator seems to replace Skyline.

Strato Emulator is an under-development switch emulator for Android. The minds behind Strato will build off Skyline, and continue the project to make switch emulation on Android a possibility.

For those unaware, the development of Skyline was halted as the developers expected legal trouble if they continued working on the project.

The developers of Skyline stated that,

“All development on Skyline has been ceased due to the potential legal risks involved, this website will remain up for the time being but may be taken down in the future. Our Discord Server will still be active for the foreseeable future but will be transitioned into being for our upcoming project at some point. We want to thank everyone who enjoyed Skyline in the past few years.”

Clearly, Strato Emulator is following in the footsteps of Skyline. Whether they will face some legal troubles is hard to say at this point.