RPCSX Becomes The First PS4 Emulator To Be Able To Boot Bloodborne On PC

Every Bloodborne fan has been waiting for the release of the game for PC.

The game was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015, and fans have been waiting ever since for the developers to port the game to PC. 

Amidst all the rumors that have been out there about the game, it has been confirmed that RPCSX will bring Bloodborne to the PC.

RPCSX is a new PS4 emulator that is still in the development phase and cannot run games as of now.

Though there are multiple PS4 emulators available for PC, RPCSX becomes the first one to be able to boot Bloodborne.

Currently, RPCSX can only boot Bloodborne without graphics, i.e., the emulator will show a black screen when launching Bloodborne without any graphics.

Is RPCSX Team Working On The Development Of The Emulator?

Seeing the black screen on Bloodborne, many users may question whether the emulator will be able to run the game in the near future or not. The development team is working on the emulator, and the black screen is a clear sign of it. 

It has been seen that when Bloodborne is booted on the RPCSX emulator, GPU, and CPU usage spikes up. This means even if you see a black screen, the team is working on an emulator.

With time, as the development goes on, RPCSX will be able to run Bloodborne on PC without any issues. But as of now, you can only boot PS4 games on it but not play them.