Valve Accidentally Shows Switch Emulator In Steam Deck Video, Later Deletes It

As we have reported multiple times, Steam Deck is one of the best handheld emulation consoles out there. As a matter of fact, a good number of gamers only buy a steam deck for its emulation capabilities. It seems even Valve is amazed by how good the Steam Deck is when it comes to emulation.

Well, Valve’s new official video for the Steam Deck has a very interesting game icon in it. The game icon we are talking about looks like that of the Nintendo Switch emulator called Yuzu. Twitter gaming insider Nibel first spotted this icon.

Clearly whoever assisted Valve in making the YouTube video had Yuzu downloaded and installed on their Steam Deck. At the time of writing this article, the original YouTube video has been deleted from YouTube and there’s a new verison re-uploaded with slight changes.

In the new video, the Yuzu thumbnail was replaced by art for Portal 2. That said, the news has already spread like wildfire. For those unaware, Yuzu is one of the most feature-packed emulator that allows users to play Switch games on devices that aren’t manufactured by Nintendo.

Presently Nintendo hasn’t taken any action. That said if we look back at the history of Nintendo when it comes to copyrighted content, pirated games, and emulation they are pretty strict. We will update this post if Nintendo does take some action against Valve.

On the brighter side, the emulation capabilities of Steam Deck are getting better with every passing day. The console can now flawlessly emulate many mainstream consoles and systems like Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and PS2.