Nintendo DOES NOT Want you to use Switch Emulators on Steam Deck

Steam Deck started shipping out almost a fortnight back. This has given people the opportunity to try all sorts of old and new games on them.

Last month Steam Deck had a verified list of games running, including GameCube and Wii Games. It was a tease by the Dolphin emulator’s official Twitter handle.

As soon people got their hands on Valve’s handheld console, they started playing around to run retro games. This includes ThePhawx, a YouTuber who posts content surrounding emulators and consoles.

He posted a video(mirror backup) with the guide to install Yuzu on Steam Deck, which did not go down well with Nintendo. They filed a copyright claim and took down the video.

Yuzu on Steam Deck

GameCube on Steam Deck videos have also been removed from the channel, as spotted by a Reddit user on the same thread.

Not Their First Rodeo

Nintendo has been known for being very peculiar about its intellectual properties since the emulation came into the picture.

They go on the offense against any attempt to run their games outside of the intended consoles by the company. The content creators have been bearing their brunt for a while now, in the form of copyrights and lawsuits.

Users have been protesting the crackdown on Twitter. They argue that ThePhawx did not condone privacy in the video guides in any way, which would have customarily warranted such an action.

Now bear in mind that there are three copyright violations on a YouTube account, and the channel is at risk of being permanently deleted.