Nintendo 3DS Emulator Created Using Steam Deck

Initially released by Valve as a portable gaming PC, Steam Deck is regularly used to emulate other mainstream and old consoles. This time around a gamer has used the Steam Deck to create an impressive emulation of the Nintendo 3DS.

In a 35-second video shared on Reddit, the gamer showcased flawless emulation of 3DS on the Steam Deck. He shared the gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. To make the hardware resemble the original 3DS console the gamer also attached a second screen on top of the Steam Deck.

The second display used by the user is an eight-inch Samsung tablet and Steam Link is installed on the tablet. OP used a 3D printed mount to attach the tablet on top of  Steam Deck.

Back again, now I bring you ultimate 3DS PORTABLE emulation!
byu/rising_tony inSteamDeck

While playing the game both the controls and touch screen of the Steam Deck were working flawlessly.

The OP also stated that they used SteamDeckGyroDSU for the controls. Presently, Steam Deck is new hardware but within a few months, it has proven to be a great handheld emulation system.

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