fpPS4 PlayStation 4 Emulator Can Now Run 25+ Games

Finally, PlayStation 4 Emulators are getting better at booting up and running games. A PS4 Emulator that goes by the name fpPS4 is now able to emulate 26 indie titles and 12 homebrew games.

This is clearly a piece of good news but we still have a long way to go until we can emulate AAA titles like God of War 2018.

If you have been an active part of the PlayStation emulation community then you might know that there are still 1000s of PS3 titles that can’t be emulated.

Consequently, PS4 emulation has been out of the question for a few years now.

In the video shared above the developers of fpPS4 have shared what games are playable using their emulator.

Some noteworthy games that are supported by the emulator are A Boy and His Blob, Thomas Was Alone, Spy Chameleon, Sky Force Anniversary, and Shutshimi.

If interested you can check out the complete compatibility list for fpPS4 on their GitHub page.

For those unaware, emulating a console like Playstation 4 allows gamers to play ps4 games on PC. In simple terms, gamers can boot and experience games on hardware that isn’t native.

Similar to what we have seen with PS2 emulators and PS3 emulators the present-day PS4 emulators will get better in the upcoming years and soon gamers will be able to enjoy games like Ghost of Tsushima on PC.