20 Best Windows 10/11 Christmas Themes, Skins, Wallpapers For 2022

Christmas is right around the corner and decorating your desktop with Windows 11 Christmas Themes can contribute to the festive spirits.

Christmas Themes For Windows 11/10 can help you bring things like Christmas Tree, Christmas Taskbar, Cursor Snowflakes and music, and jingles to your Windows desktop PC and Laptops.

As the title suggests in this article we have shared the Best Windows 11/10 Christmas Themes, Skin Packs, Wallpapers, Backgrounds, and Screensavers.

So without further a do let’s check them out.

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Best Christmas Themes For Windows 10/11

1. Santa Claus Theme


First, on the list, we have the Santa Claus Theme. As the name suggests, this theme is dedicated to the father of Christmas, Santa Claus.

The Santa Claus Theme is available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and features beautiful Santa wallpapers at different locations.

Overall, the 12 HD wallpapers in Santa Claus Theme will definitely get you in the holiday spirits.

2. Christmas Theme


After the lovely Santa Claus Theme, we have the original Windows 11 Christmas Theme.

With over 16 HD Wallpapers the Christmas Theme will help you decorate your desktop and you can even shuffle between different wallpapers to check out all of the wallpapers available in this theme pack.

3. Christmas Tree Theme 


Christmas is incomplete without a nicely decorated Christmas Tree and as the name suggests the Christmas Tree Theme brings over 16 HD Wallpapers of Christmas Tree from different locations straight to your desktop.

All of the Christmas Trees in this wallpaper pack are well-decorated and it’s completely free so do check it out.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme


Next on the list, we have a spooky theme for the fans of classic Disney Christmas Movies that goes by the name The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme.

The name says it all this Windows 11 Winter Theme offers 15 HD wallpapers consisting of locations and characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Do check out this free theme if you’re a fan of the movie.

5. Christmas Cute Animals Theme


Who doesn’t love cute animals and once you put on cute christmas clothes on these animals you have successfully created a recipe for cuteness.

The Christmas Cute Animals Theme is an outstanding theme that offers 14 HD wallpapers of cute animals in lovely christmas outfits.

The theme is once again completely free and can be installed on Windows 7 and above.

6. Christmas Girls Theme


Christmas Girls Theme is another great Windows 11 theme that brings some beautiful girls in their christmas inspired attire right to your desktop.

The Christmas Girls Theme contains 13 HD wallpapers and it can be easily installed on Windows 11 and Windows 10 PCs.

7. Ninja Cat Holiday Escape

Ninja Cat Holiday Escape theme

Next on the list, we have the beautiful Ninja Cat Holiday Escape theme. After installing this theme you follow Ninja Cat on different adventures that are all related to the holiday season. Consider it as a winter getaway after all the hard work throughout the year.

This 14 wallpapers Windows 11 Theme can be directly downloaded from the Microsoft Store and it’s completely free.

8. Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountains

If you’re on the lookout for beautiful landscape Windows 11 themes then the Snowy Mountains Theme will be perfect to check out during the holidays.

This theme offers roughly 18 high-quality images of snowy mountains under the moon, stars, and northern lights.

Shuffling between the different wallpapers in this theme pack will make your desktop look clean and updated.

9. Snow Sculptures

Snow Sculptures

Once again the name says it all, Snow Sculptures Windows 11 Theme is a wallpaper collection of adorable snow people families, majestic castles, intricate trains, and much more.

If you use the light skin on windows then the theme will perfectly blend with different UI elements.

You can download Snow Sculptures from the Microsoft Store.

10. Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky is another great landscape visuals-based Windows 11 theme that’s worth checking out.

The theme is not strictly related to Christmas but you will find several high-resolution wallpapers that are ideal for the holidays and the new year.

Lastly, the theme is ideal for people who are into airplanes.

11. Frosty Art

Frosty Art

It’s always fun looking at both natural and man-made frosty art during winter. Luckily you can now do that by just installing the beautiful Frosty Art theme on your Windows 11 PC.

The 20 images in this theme set feature frozen bubbles, crystalline leaves, delicate buttercups, and many more spectacular frosty arts.

12. Melting Ice

Melting Ice

Christmas and ice go hand in hand and the Melting Ice Theme (even though captured during a summer thaw) will look amazing on your desktop during the holidays.

Melting Ice theme consists of ten high-quality wallpapers of frozen water.

The theme can perfectly blend with both light and dark versions of Windows 11.

13. Remix 3D Winterscapes

Remix 3D Winterscapes

Created by artists from Microsoft’s Windows Next team Remix 3D Winterscapes is one of the best Animated Windows 11 Christmas Themes out there.

The theme offers around 14 high-resolution wallpapers of 3D snowy scenes, a wintry steampunk village, and even a bear on a Zamboni.

You can install this theme for free the Microsoft App Store.

14. The Christmas Countdown

The Christmas Countdown

This theme functions exactly as its name suggests, The Christmas Countdown theme will show you a countdown clock to Christmas so that you can plan things accordingly and have fun during the holidays.

In addition to the clock, you also get access to great christmas background themes with The Christmas Countdown.

The theme is free and you can effortlessly install it from Microsoft Store.

15. Winter Holiday Glow

Winter Holiday Glow

Small things like gingerbread cookies, tiny ornaments, and colorful lights make Christmas come alive.

Luckily thanks to the Winter Holiday Glow Windows 10 Theme you can decorate your desktop with all these things.

The theme is fully customizable and consists of nine high-quality images.

16. Christmas Wallpaper App

Christmas Wallpaper App

Next on the list, we have a Windows 11 Christmas Theme that goes by the name Christmas Wallpaper App.

This free app on the Microsoft Store offers the best collection of christmas wallpapers for both desktops and mobile devices like Windows 11 tablets and laptops.

Furthermore, the wallpapers are automatically optimized for your screen resolution so there’s no need to crop them.

17. Get Xmas

Get Xmas

Get Xmas is an attractive desktop screensaver ideal for people who don’t wanna download a Theme and are looking for something just to decorate their desktop.

All of the screensavers offered by Get Xmas are free and super easy to apply.

On their website, you can find things like Paper Christmas Tree, Christmas Taskbar, Cursor Snowflakes, and much more. Overall Get Xmas is a great resource to make your PC Christmas-ready.

18. Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf

Christmas Elfs are another important part of the entire Christmas celebration. Luckily you can have some cute elfs on your desktop using the Christmas Elf Theme For Windows 11.

Apart from Elfs, you will also find Christmas snowflakes, animated lights, and a sweet melodious tune of wishing you a Merry Christmas with this Theme.

19. Make Your Screen Snow

Make Your Screen Snow

Make Your Screen Snow is a Windows 11 app that can help you bring snow on your desktop.

Once again this app is offered on the Get Xmas website.

To apply this screensaver all you gotta do is run an executable file and that’s pretty much it.

20. Christmas Babies Theme


Last on the list we have Christmas Babies Theme. As the name suggests, this theme offers pictures of cute babies in adorable christmas outfits.

Christmas Babies Theme contains 14 HD wallpapers and it’s compatible with Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 7.


So these were some of the Best Windows 11 Christmas Desktop Themes that are worth checking out.

If you have any recommendations for Free Windows 11/10 Christmas Theme, Wallpaper, and Screensaver then feel free to let us know on our socials.