10 Best Dark Themes for Windows 10 in 2024 (Free Download)

The use of dark themes can improve the looks of a computer display in addition to helping you to reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes while using your PC. These are the main explanations for why people use dark themes on computers.

Just like other Windows versions, Windows 10 comes with a built-in dark theme, but there are also a number of other third-party dark themes available that will improve the overall appearance of your computer display.

In one of our articles, we talked about the best dark themes for Windows 11 that are free to download and as well as how to apply third-party themes to your Windows computer.

However, this article will cover the best dark themes for Windows 10 computers, including what you should expect when you apply them to your computer.


Best Dark Themes for Windows 10

Looking for the best dark theme to use on your Windows 10 computer? Below are the top option you should try out.

These dark desktop and laptop themes for Windows 10 will change the display background, wallpaper, and color to dark mode. It will also modify the cursor, system sounds, taskbar, Skins and icon packs into a darker version.

1. Windows 10 Default Dark Theme

Windows default theme - Dark theme for Winows

When you want to use a dark theme on your Windows 10 computer, the very first available option is the recently included native Windows 10 dark theme.

The Windows 10 default dark theme is preinstalled on Windows 10 computers and is very easy to use. The dark theme only takes effect on the Windows display and system apps, leaving most third-party apps in light mode.

To use this Windows 10 default dark mode, you should make sure you have updated Windows 10 to the most recent version, then go to follow the steps below:
1. Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.
2. Select Personalization and click on Colors.
3. On the Colors page, scroll down and set default app mode to Dark.

2. Ubuntu Dark Theme

Ubuntu Dark Theme

Ubuntu Dark Theme will be the best option if you want a dark theme that will make your Windows 10 computer look like it has Ubuntu OS installed.

The theme uses orange hues and consists of mostly flat icons. Also, the Ubuntu Dark Theme comes with different wallpaper and is very customizable.

Aside from Windows 10, it supports several other Windows versions. This Windows 10 dark theme is also very clean and doesn’t have annoying ads.

In order to use this dark theme on your Windows 10 computer, you need to install UltraUXThemePatcher. Even though the dark theme is not entirely dark, it will be a great option to try out.

3. Ades Theme

Ades Theme

Another awesome Windows 10 dark theme worth trying out is the Ades Theme. It is designed primarily in gray colors with the most effects on Windows Explorer.

So if you want a dark theme on your Windows 10 screen but don’t want the dark color to be deep, this theme will be the best option for you.

The customized icon look is another great feature of this dark theme; overall, it gives your display a very simple look. Ades Theme is very easy to install, but it also requires a third-party tool for the installation.

4. Penumbra 10


Using a neutral dark color, Penumbra 10 is another great option when it comes to Windows 10 dark themes. With the Penumbra 10, you can give your whole Windows 10 PC a totally new look.

This dark theme is only available for Windows 10 but has a little complex installation process. In order to use Penumbra 10, you have first to install the Open San font included in the download and then follow the steps below:

Note: It is recommended to create a System Restore Point before starting the installation process as these tools make changes to your system file and, as such, may cause issues on your computer if the process is done wrongly.
1. Download and Install UltraUXThemePatcher on your computer.
2. Download and install OldNewExplorer to remove the window’s ribbon
2. Copy the Penumbra 10 theme file to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3. Now go to Windows Settings > Personalization > Themes and select Penumbra 10 under Apply a theme section.

5. After Dark Cyan

After Dark Cyan

Some users prefer a completely dark theme for their Windows 10 display; if that is what you want, After Dark Cyan is recommended.

The theme covers all parts of your Windows 10 system, and you are definitely going to find it great if you don’t like to see light on your screen. Also, the After Dark Cyan is very customizable and free to use.

Its installation requires a third-party tool like PatchUxTheme or UltraUXThemePatcher and OldNewExplorer, just as we explained for Penumbra 10.

6. Nost Metro

Nost Metro

Nost Metro is another option you can use if you want to use dark themes on your Windows 10 computer. The theme itself comes with both dark and light themes in the same download package, but all you have to do is choose the dark option.

The theme color is eye-friendly and looks really beautiful. It came from the same developer as those that created After Dark Cyan, and just like most other dark themes in this article, Nost Metro requires UxThemePatcher for it to work.

7. Nocturnal – Windows 10


Due to its dark appearance, the Nocturnal W10 is a dark theme created to deliver a very subtle light effect to your eye while using your PC. This dark theme only works with Windows 10 computers.

Nocturnal W10 dark theme takes effect on every part of your Windows 10 computer, but its installation process is quite complex. To use the Nocturnal W10 dark theme, you will need to have the programs below:
Classic Shell
Win Aero
After downloading and installing the software above, follow the official guide to set it up on your Windows 10 computer. Also, you should make sure that you install the Sans Semibold font with the theme download package so as to have an overall great experience using it.

8. Hover Dark Aero

Hover Dark Aero

Hover Dark Aero is Windows 10 dark theme with a sleek and elegant user interface design. The dark theme gives an attractive look to your computer while also giving your eyes a subtle light impact.

Like some Windows 10 dark themes in this article, this one is also completely dark. All you need to do to set up Hover Dark Aero on your computer is install UxThemePatcher and move the theme file to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

9. GreyEve


GreyEve is a commonly used dark theme for Windows 10, and it is also one of the themes available online.

The theme fits well on any screen with its nice shades of black.

It has a streamlined installation process; all you have to do after downloading the theme file is to move it to the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes.

10. Hastpy


Hastpy is a simple yet elegant Windows dark theme that changes the color and gives your user interface a great touch.

It is made by the same company as Hover Dark Aero. In contrast to Hover Dark Aero, Hastpy uses a contrasting grey color rather than a translucent ribbon.

It is also quite simple to install this dark theme on your computer; you must install the UxThemePatcher and then drag the theme file to C:WindowsResourcesThemes.

Final Thought

We have discussed the best dark themes for Windows 10 computers, and most of them differ in terms of their customizations to your computer’s appearance. Although some of these Windows 10 dark themes have a complex installation process, you will be most satisfied if you can perfectly follow the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dark theme for Windows 10?

Yes, there is now a native dark theme on Windows 10. While Windows 10 now comes with a built-in dark theme, there are still a number of third-party dark pieces available for Windows. The best of these Windows 10 dark themes include:
1. Ubuntu Dark Theme
2. Nost Metro
3. GreyEve
4. Nocturnal – Windows 10
5. Hastpy

Are Windows 10 dark theme free?

Although there are free and premium dark themes for Windows 10, the ones discussed in this article are essentially free to use.

Where can I download Windows 10 dark theme?

Even though you can find several dark themes in Microsoft Store, several other sites still host dark themes for Windows 10 computers. The trusted ones include:
1. Themepack.me
2. DeviantArt
3. Skin packs
4. 108Themes