10 Best Windows 11 Dark Themes & Skins in 2024

Everyone likes to have great customization and aesthetics on their Desktop PCs and Laptops, and one of the ways to do this is by setting a dark theme on your computer.

Not only do dark themes reduce eye strain, but they also give a better look on your PC screen.

Windows 11 does very well in providing better customization options than the previous Windows versions.

There are a couple of dark themes that come pre-installed on Windows 11, but there are still several other options you can download for your Windows PC.

These themes will not only change your display color to dark mode but also come with a new icon pack, cursor design, background, system sound, and more.

Hence, if you are a fan of dark themes and looking for the best Windows 11 dark themes and skins, we will discuss the best option and details of what you should expect from them.

Best Windows 11 Dark Themes & Skins

For anyone looking for dark themes for Windows 11 PC or laptops, here is the best option to consider:

1. Lovelace

Lovelace - dark theme for Windows 11

Topping our list of the best dark themes for Windows 11 is Lovelace, a dark theme built specifically for Windows 10 and 11 OS. Lovelace is a good-looking theme that combines the aesthetics of the deep dark color with a nice set of icons for PC.

This Windows 11 theme is colorful and stylish and will be the best fit for you if you are a lover of dark themes and flat icons. It has three visual style options: light, light-dark, and completely dark. Besides, it provides dark skins for various programs, wallpaper, and start buttons.

Lovelace is a recommended option if you are looking for a dark theme for Windows 11. The installation will require a theme patcher, but we will discuss the steps to doing that in another section of this article.

2. Ubuntu dark theme for Windows 11

Ubuntu dark theme for Windows 11

This Windows 11 dark theme comes with an Ubuntu look and will give the taste of Ubuntu OS to your Windows 11 PC. Ubuntu dark theme for Windows 11 is very customizable and comes with flat icons that will make your desktop look better.

The dark theme is soft on the eye and basically looks formal. The theme doesn’t bring up unnecessary notifications and is very easy to install with the use of UxThemePatcher.

3. Yandex Pure Dark Theme

Yandex Pure Dark Theme

As the name implies, this dark theme for Windows 11 brings a pure dark theme to your Windows desk. If all you want is a pure black color theme on your computer, this Yandex Pure Dark Theme will be a good option.

It makes your whole PC dark and doesn’t leave out any part. To even make it better, you can use pure black wallpaper. This theme program is very easy to use and has many other features.

The Yandex Pure Dark Theme comes with its installer, so you don’t need any third-party patcher to use it.

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4. Nightfall Camo special edition

Nightfall Camo special edition

This is a Microsoft Store-based Windows 11 dark theme that’ll completely breathe new life into your desktop, thanks to the set of abstract images it comes with.

It combines a dark theme, high-resolution pictures, and blue colors to make your desktop appear with stunning aesthetics. It’s also a free program with several positive reviews on Windows Store.

The theme app is readily available on Microsoft Store, so the installation is pretty straightforward.

5. Grey Even Skin

Grey Even Skin

Grey Eve theme is for you if you are looking for a theme that’s easy to install and be used without hassle. The look is simple and has a dark grey appearance to Windows apps. Also, this windows 11 dark skin theme is very customizable and gives a desktop a distinct impression.

To use the Grey Eve dark theme on Windows 11 computer, you have to download the theme and have it placed in the USERNAME]AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes directory. It’ll automatically add to your native Windows themes afterward, and you can select the theme from Windows Theme Settings.

6. Everforest for Windows


Everforest is another dark theme you should consider using on your Windows 11 computer, as it has plenty of features to bring a new look to your computer while keeping the display in the dark mode.

It is a night-only theme but packed with three different night themes for you to choose between. The Windows 11 dark theme pack has a whole new icon pack and a unique appearance for the taskbar and other parts of your desktop.

You can’t go wrong with using this theme pack as it is very well designed.

7. BIB3 by NIIVU


Another option on this list that you’ll find really cool is the BIB3 for Windows 11, the third version of a visual style series. The theme pack comes with a dark time as well as smooth edges to bring out an excellent effect on your desktop display

The dark mode shown on this theme is pretty much what anyone will like as the look is elegant. It also has effects like a transparent effect that takes in your Windows wallpaper.

BIB has six dark themes, which include classic, mac OS big/small, DOTs, Arc, and windows, giving you a better option to customize your desktop display. Moreover, this theme allows you to change your navigation bottom based on your preferences.

8. The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights theme

The Northern Light is another Windows 11 dark theme available on the Microsoft Store that gives an appearance of northern lights. Hence, if you are a fan of northern lights, you’ll most likely love this theme pack.

It doesn’t come with new icons but boosts high-resolution wallpaper that’ll definitely work magic on your PC screen. The photographs you can enjoy with this theme include that of the Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way from around the world.

9. Dark Space


Dark Space is another perfect option for your Windows 11 PC if you are looking for a clean and minimal-looking dark theme. The theme features high-quality images from outer space.

The navigation buttons stand out brightly from the other elements of the theme making navigation between different Windows a breeze. Overall, It’s a visually impressive theme with over 16 wallpapers in ultra-HD resolution.

10. Earth From Above Premium


Last on the list we have Earth From Above Premium Windows 11 Dark Theme that’s quite popular. The theme offers around 14 images in 4K resolution of earth from space.

If you change your Windows 11 color accent to something dark the wallpapers of Earth From Above will perfectly blend with the OS. You can directly download Earth From Above Premium from the Microsoft Store for free.

How to install third-party dark themes on Windows 11

Downloading a third-party theme will require the use of a theme patcher like SecureUXTheme or UxThemePatcher.

However, we recommend that you create a restore point before starting to install any third-party dark theme on your Windows 11 PC.

1. Download the third-party theme on your PC
2. Download and install SecureUXTheme or UltraUXThemePatcher on your computer.

3. After successfully installing the program, launch it and look for the theme file you just downloaded.
4. Copy the theme file into C:/Windows/Resources/Themes and apply it to Windows Personalization Settings.
Some third-party Windows 11 dark theme comes with their installer, so the steps above won’t be required to install them.

How do I set themes on Windows 11?

After successfully downloading the dark theme from either the Microsoft Store, which adds itself to your Windows Settings automatically or from a third-party store, which you must manually install, here is you can set the themes on your Windows 11 computer:
1. Press Windows + I to open Settings on your computer.
2. Select Personalization on the left pane and tap on Themes afterward.

Windows theme settings
3. On the resulting page, you’ll see the different themes available for your computer, which you can choose from simply selecting one.

Select theme

Final Thoughts

Those dark themes work well with Windows 11 computers, along with some details you should expect from them. You simply have to download the one you prefer and install it using the steps we discussed in the articles. In the comment section below, let’s know the Windows 11 dark theme you prefer the most from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Windows 11 themes?

Microsoft Store hosts a lot of themes for Windows 11, and that’s the best place to download Windows 11 themes. However, there are some third-party stores where you can get Windows themes, but they aren’t as safe as Microsoft Store. The ones we can recommend include the following:
1. Themepack.me
2. DeviantArt
3. Themes10
4. Skin packs
5. 108Themes

How do I get a pure black theme on Windows 11?

If you want to set a dark theme on Windows 11, follow the steps below:
1. Right-click a space on your desktop screen and select Personalize.
2. You’ll be taken to the Personalization option in Windows Settings, where you’ll see different themes available for your PC, simply select the dark ones to turn your computer black.
3. Also, you can click on the Colors option on the Personalization page and set the Choose your mode to Dark.

Can I use Windows 10 themes on Windows 11?

Most Windows 10 themes are compatible with Windows 11, so you can use Windows 10 themes on Windows 11.