Download Windows 10 ISO File [64-bit] Official Download Links

Upgrading computer and need a new OS? Download Windows 10 ISO and have a fresh start on the computer. It was initially a free upgrade to the disastrous Windows 8 and 8.1 releases.

Windows 10 currently has the most active users on computers, surpassing records previously set by 7 and XP. Microsoft lets users download Windows 10 for free from their official servers. No need to rely on torrents or suspicious download websites.

There are basically three ways to download Windows 10 ISO. The first is through the direct download links sourced from the Microsoft servers. The second is through the official download page, accessible through the non-Windows platforms. Lastly, the third method is through the media creation tool, which asks a few questions and then downloads the ISO on the computer.

After that, we will learn to create bootable Windows 10 media. Then we proceed to install Windows on the PC through the step-by-step tutorial. Here is how it is done.

Download Window 10 ISO (Home and Pro Edition)

1. Direct Download Links

The Windows 10 ISO file will contain the following versions of the operating system. We have included links for the English version, while others are available through the other methods.

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Home N
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro N
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
  • Windows 10 Pro for Workstations N
  • Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Windows 10 Pro Education N
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Education N

We have listed Windows 10 ISO download links, which are updated every second day. No need to fill out any form or register anywhere to download Windows 10 for free on your PC.

All the ISO files have been sourced from the Microsoft servers and contain all the original files.

Update – The links have been updated for Windows 10 ISO.

Windows Version [Windows 10 21H2 64-bit – English]
Size 5.5 GB
SHA256 7F6538F0EB33C30F0A5CBBF2F39973D
Download 64-Bit

Windows Version [Windows 10 21H2 32-bit – English]
Size 3.9 GB
SHA256 31C0CE969DEEF08E0031A95EB5C0D
Download 32-Bit

Windows Version [Windows 10 21H1 64-bit – English]
Size 5.4 GB
SHA256 Not Available
Download 64-Bit

Windows Version [Windows 10 21H1 32-bit – English]


Size 3.9 GB
SHA256 Not Available
Download 32-Bit 

Windows Version [Windows 10 20H2 64-bit – English]


Size 5.7 GB
SHA256 6C6856405DBC7674EDA21BC5F70



Download 64-Bit

Windows Version [Windows 10 20H2 32-bit –  English]


Size 4.19 GB
SHA256 414E227D8A51EAF65



Download 32-Bit


Download Windows 10 ISO through Microsoft site

Microsoft does not offer direct ISO download links for existing Windows users. They provide a media creation tool which lets users download Windows 10 files but has many steps. There is no pause button on the download either, so if it abrupted, you would need to start from zero.

We found a way to download Windows 10 from the Microsoft site by pretending to be using a non-Windows OS. Here is how it is done by appearing to be visiting the download page from a macOS-based browser.

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox and install User-agent Switcher add-on in the browser.

2. Open the add-on and select Firefox in browsers, followed by Apple Mac-OS in the operating system section.

download WIndows 10 ISO

3. Head to Windows 10 ISO download portal and select the multi-edition, press Confirm.

download WIndows 10 ISO

4. A prompt will appear below, asking you to select a language. Click Confirm after selecting a product language.

5. Windows 10 ISO download links for 32-bit and 64-bit will appear on the screen. Click on a button to start downloading the file.
You can copy the links and paste them into a download manager for faster download speeds.

download WIndows 10 ISO file

Note – These Windows 10 download links are valid for 24 hours from the time of the request. The links will expire, so repeat the process to get fresh links.

Download Windows 10 ISO via Windows Media Creation Tool

Like we mentioned earlier about the media creation tool, we can download Windows 10 ISO through the Microsoft application. The files get downloaded on the computer, and users can create bootable media for installation. Follow these steps to download Windows 10.

1. Download and launch media creation tool. Click Accept after reading the terms and conditions on the first screen and move forward.

download WIndows 10 ISO file

2. Select the second option, Create installation media(USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO File) for another PC and proceed to the next step through the next button.

download WIndows 10 ISO file

3. On the next screen, select Windows 10’s language; and the architecture, which is either 32-bit or 64-bit. You can select both and decide later for which one to install.

download WIndows 10 ISO file

4. In the next section, select ISO file option and click next.

download WIndows 10 ISO file

5. A prompt will appear asking for a location to save the downloaded ISO. Provide a location, and then click save to begin the download process.

download WIndows 10 ISO

6. The Windows 10 ISO will be downloaded and saved in the previously selected location. The estimated time will depend upon the internet speed.

download Windows 10 ISO

7. Once the download is finished, users will get the option to browse the file or directly burn it to a DVD. Alternatively, learn to create a bootable flash drive with the ISO in the next section.

download Windows 10 ISO

Create Windows 10 Bootable USB

We downloaded Windows 10 ISO file in the last section. It’s time to create a bootable USB flash drive and install Windows 10 by booting through it.

Creating a bootable is easy with Rufus, a freeware bootable creator. Earlier Microsoft offered their tool, which has been discontinued now.

1. Download and launch Rufus, also available for different platforms such as Mac and Linux. The program is available in over two dozen different languages.

2. Select the pen drive to be used for creating bootable. It should have a minimum of 6 GB of space,

Create Windows 10 bootable

3. Head to the boot selection and locate the Windows 10 ISO file through the select button.

Create Windows 10 bootable

4. Now head downwards to the Format Options and give your bootable flash drive a name.

Create Windows 10 bootable

5. Click start to begin the bootable creation process.

Create Windows 10 bootable

6. A warning prompt will appear asking to save the flash drive’s data before proceeding. Click Ok to confirm and begin the bootable creation process.

Create Windows 10 bootable

The Windows 10 bootable creation’s time will depend on the speed of the flash drive and as well the local storage where the ISO file was stored.

Clean Install Windows 10 ISO

Now that we have downloaded Windows ISO and created bootable media, it’s time to install Windows 10 on the PC. This process can install the OS on an individual PC or a series of computers on a network.

In order to install a new operating system, we need to boot up the Windows 10 bootable and load files for the installation process. This is done by selecting the flash drive as a bootable device. It can be done from the BIOS menu or the boot menu key.

The boot menu key varies according to the manufacturers, so we have listed it for the major laptops and motherboard companies.


Brand Boot Menu Key
Acer F12
Dell F12
Lenovo F8, F10, F12


Motherboard Brand
Boot Menu Key
Gigabyte F12
Intel F10
ASRock F8, F11
Biostar F9

Plug in the bootable USB, restart the computer and use the boot menu key for booting with the Windows 10 ISO files.

1. The files from the USB drive will start loading, and the Windows 10 logo will appear on the screen.

Install Windows 10

2. The Windows setup will appear where the user will select language, time and currency format, and keyboard input format. Proceed forward through the Next button.

Install Windows 10

3. This screen will start the main installation process. Click Install Now to move forward.

4. In the Activate Windows section, users will be asked for a Windows 10 product key. Enter one if you have one at hand else, click I don’t have a product key and move to the next section.

Install Windows 10 setup

5. On the next screen, select the Windows 10 version to install. The options range from Home to Enterprise. Few ISOs will pack only a single version.

Install Windows 10 setup

6. The license terms and conditions appears next, where users have to tick I accept the license terms and click Next to move forward.

Install Windows 10

7. Next page is where we select the type of installation to select – Upgrade or Custom: Install Windows. Select the second option for a clean installation.

Install Windows 10

The first option is ideal for users who want to keep settings, files and data intact while installing Windows. Users will require a supported version of Windows as the current operating system.

8. In this section, we will choose a partition for installing Windows 10. Select an unallocated space if no partition is available, as the setup will create one and proceed. Click Next, and the installation will begin.

Install Windows 10

The installation process will take 5-15 minutes, depending upon the hard disk or SSD’s speed. NVMe SSDs(Solid State Drives) are the fastest, followed by SATA ones and platter-based hard disks being the slowest.

Install Windows 10

9. Once Windows 10 is installed, the computer will restart a couple of times and the Windows logo and the text “Getting ready” will appear on the screen.

Install Windows 10


10. Select your region from the list and click YES to proceed to the next section.

Install Windows 10

11. Now, we select a keyboard layout. Select your region from the list and click YES to move to the next section.

It will ask for a secondary keyboard layout which can be skipped. Unless a secondary keyboard is connected, having two layouts will not be useful in the standard use cases.

12. The initial setup will ask to add an account. Log into an existing account or create a new one. You can also use a phone number for the account.

Setup Windows 10 settings

13. Security is important; hence, Windows will ask to add a security pin. This will be used for logging into the user account without requiring to recall and type in the complex password of the Microsoft account,

Setup Windows 10 settings

14. Select the appropriate privacy settings and then move forward through the Accept button.

Setup Windows 10 settings

15. Skip the customize experience section, as it will only show personalized ads and recommendations as per the selection options.

Setup Windows 10 settings

16. The forthcoming sections will be for the Microsoft 365 trial, Xbox and the configuration for Cortana. Set them up according to personal preferences, and after that, Windows 10 will begin to finalize the settings.

Setup Windows 10 settings

You will land on the desktop after the final settings are complete. Few security updates will be installed automatically in the background.

Windows 10 installed

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to download Windows 10 ISOs?

The Windows 10 ISO files we have linked here are from the Microsoft server. They can be found on the official download page, with 24-hour link expiry. These files are untouched, straight from the original source.

You can also download the same using the media tool method discussed earlier in the article.  Downloading Windows 10 from unauthorized places is illegal, and Microsoft does not recommend it.

Will Windows 10 run on 4 GB of RAM?

As applications and technology improve with time, their resource demand increases. The 32-bit version requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM, whereas the 64-bit needs at least 2 GB of RAM. Therefore, 4 GB RAM should be enough to get started.
Microsoft may recommend low memory, but users will higher amount of RAM to properly run all the required tools and applications.

Is it a genuine Windows 10 ISO File?

The short answer is YES. All the Windows 10 files have been sourced from the Microsoft servers. All the ISO are untouched and carry the original SHAA 256 code, which can be used to verify the authenticity of the files.

Can I upgrade from 32-bit Windows 10 to 64-bit Windows 10?

Upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit on Windows 10 is entirely possible. An opposite is also an option. You will need to clean and install Windows through an ISO for the switch.

While most modern processors support 64-bit, it wouldn’t hurt to check your CPU supports it. Use GRC, a freeware tool for the purpose.

Which one is the best app to create Windows 10 bootable?

Rufus is arguably the best app to create Windows 10 bootable. There are many other third-party tools available, but we recommend Rufus for its open-source and reliable properties.

Will I receive updates on Windows 10?

You will receive security and regular updates on Windows 10 in most regions in the trial period. Make sure to activate Windows by entering a product key. It will ensure that the updates keep on coming.

Should I download Windows 10 from Torrent?

Windows 10 torrents are uploaded by strangers, who may or may not make changes to the files before uploading them online. Users are exposed to various risks such as viruses, ransomware and malwares.

Microsoft does not allow the distribution of its product on other platforms without proper authorisation. Torrent sites are the last place to have permission for Windows ISOs.

How long will it take to install Windows 10?

This is subjective and will depend on the computer specifications, primarily on storage speed, the processor, and bootable media’s read speed. It can take anywhere between 7 to 20 minutes to complete the entire process.

How much space is required on a USB/DVD drive to make a bootable image?

While the recommended space is 8 GB, anything above 5 GB would do the job. Multi-versions which include 32-bit and 64-bit, may require more space. Add multiple languages, and the demand goes higher. Make sure to use faster flash drives for quicker installation process.

Over to You

This is how you can download Windows 10 ISO for free from the official servers. Start with the direct download and then move to the download page. The mentioned add-on for spoofing the device may stop working in the future, so you can head straight to the media tool method.

You can also follow the Windows 10 installation method, which takes the user through every step along the way.