3 Best SEGA Dreamcast Emulators For Android To Relish the Nostalgia

Dreamcast  6th generation video game console released by Sega continues to drive the nostalgia quotient among the passionate retro gamers. We discussed the best Dreamcast emulators for PC awhile back.

It is time to go one step further and play SEGA Dreamcast games on Android smartphones. The modern smartphones have ample power to emulate Dreamcast games without conceding a hiccup.

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Best SEGA Dreamcast Emulators for Android 

Here are the best working Dreamcast Emulators for android to play SEGA Dreamcast games on your phone like a charm.

  • redream
  • Reicast
  • RetroArch

1. redream

redream android

We have covered redream’s computer counterpart in our previous post. The good news is that the Dreamcast emulator is also available for Android smartphones.

As soon as you launch the emulator, you will be greeted with a welcome screen with the option to upgrade to Premium version or Continue in LITE mode. The premium model offers high definition graphics, as claimed by the developers. 

The user interface is similar to the one offered on their PC version. On top of that, the settings identical as well to the ones on their counterpart.

You get 4 ports to save your game states with 200 blocks free.

Input options is offered four ports with the default touchpad being selected. Gamers can connect their gamepad and start gaming on the Dreamcast emulator as well.

Talking about video settings, there is the default 4:3 aspect ration, which can be customized for your phone’s display.

Cable has three options of VGARGB, and composite, whichever is compatible with your ROM.

2. Reicast 

reicast Android

Just like REDREAM, Reicast delivers an identical Dreamcast emulator of their computer counterpart.

Secondly, there have been some additions to the graphics department for complying with the smartphone’s dynamic displays. You can rotate the screen by 90 degrees to always open it in landscape mode.

Furthermore, the graphics in the backend is supported by OpenGL 4.2 and ES for background rendering. This video is not available on the majority of the stable console emulators. Reciecast is amongst one the best Dreamcast emulators that offer the OpenGL framework support on smartphones.

In the controller department, you can connect upto 4 devices, including the likes of Sega Controller, light gun, and more. Sega VMU, along with Purupuru are available as an optional input device for loading games. Additionally, there is an option to manually map your keys on the screen as well.

3. RetroArch

retroarch android

Next on our list is RetroArch. An emulator that is mentioned in virtually all lists concerning console emulators.

The functionalities offered by this Dreamcast emulator is similar to what it offers across all its supported platforms.

Apart from the standard video and audio settings, there is the controller which supports upto 5 devices/players at once. Furthermore, you can use a Haptik and vibration-based controller/gamepad as well to play Dreamcast games of your liking.

No one likes interruptions, especially a gamer who is focused on finishing a milestone in the game. The notification settings is here to do just that. Use the notification option to configure the notifications to allow while playing the game.

Retro gaming is making a comeback, especially in the streaming circuit. With the Twitch, YouTube direct stream feature, be ahead on the curve for steaming your favorite Dreamcast homebrew games.

Over to You

We tried a handful of Dreamcast emulators for Android phones and these three stood the test of compatibility, stability, and the evergreen time. Play all your favourite Dreamcast games on Android right away without waiting for anything.

In any case, if you are using an Android emulator and you have the option to use the older version of Android such as 2.0 then we have something more in the store.

You can try the NullDCE, which was developed for Android phones. The emulator is in alpha mode, therefore expect a load of bugs.