20 Best PPSSPP Games for Android in 2024

PlayStation Portable, popularly known as PSP, has a wide range of games available for it. The second-generation handheld console from Sony has over 800 games officially available to play.

As a PSP fan, you would be interested in playing the best PPSSPP games for Android and iOS without requiring the actual console. The PPSSPP emulator is, without a doubt, the best emulator to play PSP games on a smartphone.

What are PPSSPP Games?

PPSSPP stands for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably, a PSP emulator for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Symbian, and other similar platforms.  PPSSPP Games are essentially games that can be played on PSP.

Have a close look at the PPSSPP emulator at hand; it is open-source and hence wholly free to use, modify. Upscale the game textures, turn up the anisotropic filtering, and play in full HD on your phone. Customize the on-screen controls and their layout, create multiple save states, and even connect an external controller while playing your favorite PPSSPP game.

The games are primarily available in ISO format, packed inside compressed files, generally in ZIP or RAR. Open the files by decompressing them and get the ISOs before importing them into the emulator.

Best PPSSPP Games for Android 

  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
  • Gran Turismo
  • Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus
  • Lumines
  • Ridge Racer
  • Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  • Velocity
  • Burnout Legends
  • FIFA Soccer 09
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  • Half-minute Hero
  • Space Invaders Extreme
  • Spider Man 3
  • Crush
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008
  • OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast
  • Fieldrunners


1. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Genre: Action-Adventure, Open-World

Gta Liberty Cities PSP game

Toni makes a comeback to Liberty city after a four-year-long hiatus abroad. Don Leone welcomes him to the family on arrival and assigns him to work under another mobster, Lucky. They don’t see eye to eye, but the relationship grows before taking an ugly turn.

Set in the open world in its signature style, with upgrades clothing, motorcycles, and newer indoor environments. Unlike the predecessors, you cannot climb or swim as those abilities have been removed.

And the multiplayer mode supports up to 6 players through Wi-Fi ad-hoc mode(same area). The multiplayer features seven different game modes involving single-mode avatars that form civilians and pedestrians.


2. Gran Turismo

Genre: Sim Racing

gran turismo

Gearing up for the second game, which deserves a spot to be amongst the best PPSSPP games for Android. The game was inspired by successors for various platforms, featuring over 800 race cars.

Apart from the 45 race tracks, reverse tracks have been added as a bonus that takes the count to 72. Players can select laps between 1 to 99. New music tracks are added along with the custom track feature.

Players can play their songs using this feature, which needs to be unlocked by completing certain sections of the game. Local multiplayer is available that can be played using wireless play.


3. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Action role-playing

Best PPSSPP game for Android

A prequel to the Final Fantasy VII game, we follow the paramilitary agent with young blood, Zack Fair. He is assigned the task of finding Solider Genesis Rhapsodo. Meeting him unveils a twist to the tale.

Agent Fair investigates in open areas, interacting with non-playable characters, environment, and fighting monsters in battles. After completion of every side mission, you are rewarded with unique items.

As a player, you can initiate an attack, use materia(items with a limit of 6 at a time), draw special abilities and spells on enemies. You can gain new material by doing side missions, exploration, and shops.


4. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Genre: Action-adventure

God of War Best PSP game

The fourth installment, chronologically the second, Chains of Olympus, has taken inspiration from Greek mythology for basing the story.

We control the Spartan Warrior, Kratos, who is serving the Olympian Gods. His mission is to find the Sun God Helios, as instructed by the princess Athena. The weapons for the journey are – The Blade of Chaos and some other secondary weapons acquired along the way.

The third-person game is set in a fixed camera setting, with the protagonist traveling to different parts of the game through beams. There are several puzzles involved, which often require jumping in different patterns for opening particular doors.


5. Lumines

Genre: Puzzle

Lumines PPSSPP game on Android

A Tetris-styled game where blocks drop down with respect to gravity. Set in the 16×10 grid field, we have 2×2 size blocks that fall from above.

Moving forward in the game, a block is partially destroyed, and the remaining is split into tiny blocks which continue to fall. Occasionally a “Vertical Timeline” comes on the board where 2×2 blocks of the same color are created, known as the “Colored square.” Once the mode is finished, the colors disappear, and the overall earned points are added to the tally.

In the aesthetic department, players get different background skins, which contain distinct appearances for blocks and overall visuals. Along with that, each skin contains unique soundtracks and background music.


6. Ridge Racer (2004)

Genre: Racing

Ridge Racer PPSSPP Game

Drift-racers huddle up, Ridge Racer is all racing laps with added bells and whistles of oversteering and drifting. The game was adored by critics and audience alike, which prompted a sequel, Ridge Racer 2, in 2006. There are four modes in the game – Single Race, World Tour, Time Trial, and Wireless battle.

The battle supports up to 8 players in the multiplayer mode using the PSP’s ad hoc system. To spice things up, there is a nitrous boost system that consists of three tanks for a car. It helps in gaining speed and acceleration. The tank is filled by drifting through the race, which requires at least one tank full for using it.

All the music in the game is borrowed from the earlier installments of Ridge Racer, arranged in different discs – Red, Blue, Remix, Classic 1, and Classic 2.


7. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Genre: Stealth, Third-person shooter

Syphon Filter Best PSP game

The game returns to its root in the series after the trilogy. Playing as Gabe Logan with an occasional stint as Lian Xing, both special operatives of the secret government agency.

Here the agent Gabe is sent to Kemsynth Petroleum in Alaska for taking up the situation where Red Section, a paramilitary group, has taken over the complex. A data disc adds shocking details to the story about a bigger plan involving his former romantic interest and professional partner.

Diving to the multiplayer mode, you can connect up to 8 players using the PSP Ad hoc infrastructure with four modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Rogue Agent, and Objective.


8. Velocity

Genre: Shoot’em up, Puzzle

bet PPSSPP game on Android

This PPSSPP game for Android involves navigating around a teleporting spacecraft, Quarp Jet. Our main objective with the jet is to rescue the ships that are stranded in space.

While navigating through the journey, we have to avoid enemies and their bombs. The Quarp Jet can fight back with its own set of bombs. You can teleport the ship anywhere, leaving behind telepods that can bring them back to the place anytime in the future.

Swerving into the plot, the game is set in 2212, where the star Vilio is in shackles, with its debris going into the black hole. Every fight spacecraft, self-defense system, and colony cruisers are rendered useless except Quarp Jet.


9. Burnout Legends

Genre: Racing

burnout legends - best PPSSPP game

After three games, the series made its debut on the PSP with Burnout Legends. Several gameplay modes are borrowed from Burnout 3: Takedown. The tracks are taken from the first three installments.

In totality, there are nine types of main modes in the game. They are the series of racing modes that help in unlocking cars, events, and tracks :

  • Race: Race against up to 4 different cars for a three-lap race track.
  • World Tour: The ultimate goal is to unlock Grand Prix with three medal types – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The winning goal opens the subsequent world tour series.
  • Face-off: Play against a legend-level car and lap time it better.
  • Time Attack: Now, we race against the clock. Here the objective is to finish a lap in the quickest time possible. There is no limit on the number of laps.
  • Burning Lap: Inspired from Time Attack, here, the lap is defined by the medal time. For instance, finish the lap within 1:00:00 to earn a Gold medal.
  • Eliminator: Accessible through World Tour, the same race remains the same. On each lap, the lowest timing car is eliminated.
  • Pursuit: Here, you become a cop as a player. Your goal is to take out the racer(s) before the time runs out or they get away. A new boss pursuit challenge has been added, with the final challenge being the Total Pursuit. The goal in the last challenge is to win a goal for unlocking the Legend series.
  • Crash: Compete in crash events and for unlocking cars and crash junctions.
  • Road Rage: Crash each other’s car and earn a takedown. You must eliminate a certain number of cars before time run-outs.

Heading to the garage, we have the option of 95 cars that needs to unlocked throughout the game.


10. FIFA 09

Genre: Sports

best PPSSPP game for Android

EA sport’s one of the most profitable gaming franchises, made a riveting comeback with the FIFA 09, known as FIFA Soccer 09, in North America. The “manager mode” made its debut with 09′ on the handheld consoles.

User-controlled goal celebrations saw the daylight for the first time in the FIFA series with this version. The player can select from a variety of pre-loaded celebrations.

After years of waiting, the handheld version of PSP and Nintendo DS saw the “Be a Pro” mode. You can try your luck in over 500 teams, 30 leagues, along 41 national teams.


11. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Genre: Role-playing

the legend of heroes

Initially released for Windows, Trails in the sky was ported as a PPSSPP game after good reception on Windows. It is a part of the Trail series, a sub-part of The Legend of Heroes series.

Heading straight to the synopsis, who is Estelle Bright, and her adopted brother Joshua. They go on a journey around the country of Liberl for training to earn them the title of Bracers in a non-government organization that aims to protect civilians and maintain peace.

Two different maps are involved in the overworld – field maps and town maps. Field maps consist of enemies roaming around, with the potential for battling them. On the other hand, town maps involve shopping for items, restoring health at Inn’s End, apart from taking on quests in the local gild. Do remember that combats are turn-based.



12. Half-minute Hero

Genre: Real-time Strategy, Action-role playing

Best PSP Game

Half-minute Hero was initially developed as freeware. It is inspired by renowned RPGs such as the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises.

There are six distinct and elaborate game modes, where first, there must be played for unlocking the subsequent ones. Each game mode has an indirect relation to the main story. On average, each has a duration of 30 seconds, more or less.

In most modes, there is a Time Goddess who can provide extra time to Hero or freeze it all together in some scenarios. The longest mode is the Hero 300, but Time Goddess is not available. You get 300 seconds, i.e., 5 minutes, where the goal is to defeat the final boss. Some parts of the map become inaccessible every 60 seconds.


13. Space Invaders Extreme

Genre: Shooter

Space Invaders Extreme

The original Space Invaders game was developed for arcade game systems. It was an instant hit and a long-lasting success. Space Invaders Extreme was released for PSP and DS to mark the game’s 30th anniversary. The PSP version had better and crispier graphics as compared to its competitor.

As a player, you control a cannon at the bottom of the field, with room for left and right movements. Invaders and aliens will rain down in different formats. The player has to shoot them before they hit the ground. A UFO will appear on top of the screen from time to time, adding to the difficulty.

Space Invaders changed the gaming industry in more than one way – Music. The interactive music corresponds to the things happening in the game.


14. Spider Man 3

Genre: Action-Adventure

Best PPSSPP Game for Android

Based on the fiction version of Manhattan, this is the third version of the MCU hero, after Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man. Set in the open world, the player can explore different parts of the city when not doing missions and objectives.

Like the Grand Theft Auto series, the missions are structured in a non-linear manner to progress in the story. There are multiple storylines involved, which run parallel as you pursue them.

There are several side missions as well, such as combat tours, bomb defusal, and stopping robberies, amongst other things. Unlike the other platforms, Spider-Man has a ground-based movement on the PSP. The combat remains the same with crawl walls, web swings, and fighting the enemies with different combinations.


15. Crush

Genre: Puzzle-Platform

Crush PPSSPP game

We have a unique PPSSP game for Android, which is a combination of puzzle and platform. The game follows the story of Danny, a person suffering from Insomnia. He uses an experimental device for exploring the causes behind his ordeal.

In Danny’s hypnosis, he explores an alternate world for regaining his sanity by collecting lost marbles. Along the journey, he faces his primal fears in the form of different monsters(cockroaches, slugs, blockwalkers).

The game contains ten levels, each on four different locations, based on Danny’s past. All the levels involve manipulating 2D and 3D views for completing the objective.


16. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Genre: Action-adventure

gta vicecity stories

Returning with the GTA series, we have Vice City Stories, the ten installments of the game. It is set in Vice City, a fictional city based in Miami in the year 1984.

The story revolves around Corporal Victor “Vic” Vance, stationed at Fort Baxter, Vice City. An honest Corporal turns to the wrong ways to raise money for his sick brother, Pete. Hell breaks loose when Vic is convicted for his wrong demeanor.

Apart from the main objectives and mission, the game has a unique empire building. As a player, you must expand the crime syndicate from scratch by taking over the rival business organizations—complete different missions to unlock various rewards.


17. LittleBigPlanet (2009)

Genre: Puzzle-Platform

little big planet

A sequel to the original version, which was released for PlayStation 3, with the game based on the Australian theme in the fictional town of Down Under.

The main character here is, Sackboy, a character whose flesh and bones are of a sack. He travels to the Brazilian carnival and enters the revered Genie’s real, The Bazaar, set in Persia. A monkey thief steals the lamp from Genie, and the player must retrieve it at all costs.

Levels are set in different layers; the PSP version has two of them. There are 23 main levels apart from the introduction, 14 mini levels which consist of 2 “mini-games.”


18. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

Genre: Sports

wwe smackdown 2008 psp

Most of us have grown watching professional wrestling in the form of RAW and WWF(now WWE). WWE SmackDown vs. Raw is a good PPSSPP game to live that experience through emulation.

This game featured an exclusive fighting style which was kept out of the future installments until WWE 2K18. Ashley, CM Punk, Kelly Kelly, and Shad, amongst others, made their WWE game debut. There are a total of 8 different fighting styles. Each wrestler gets two fighting styles – Primary and secondary.

Diving into the modes, we have the primary Season and General Manager mode. The latter involves becoming a General manager, creating a roster, schedule events, and workouts.


19. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast

Genre: Racing

racing PPSSPP for Android

Inspired from the original OutRun, the 9th title of the series makes a comeback with improved graphics and a next-gen game engine. The game has parts borrowed from different installments.

Initially, when you start the game, a limited number of cars are available. As you progress and win races or clock more game time, you earn OutRun Miles. This in-game currency helps in unlocking cars, background music, tracks, and other rewards.

Apart from the normal racing, there is a special Coast 2 Coast mode that sets it apart from a regular racing game:

  • Test Your Drift: A one versus one mode where you have to earn points by drifting the car.
  • Test Your Slipstream: Drive behind the traffic to collect the most points and defeat rivals.
  • Avoid the Knockout: The last car at the end of each lap is eliminated from the race, sort of like an elimination competition.
  • Do Not Lose Your Girlfriend: A one versus one duel where you must stay ahead of the rival couple until the heart points reach zero.


20. Fieldrunners

Genre: Tower Defense

Fieldrunners PPSSPP game

In the last chapter of the best PPSSPP games for Android, the tower defense genre makes its debut here. The goal is simple, to defend towers that you create.

The game offers three kinds of gameplay: Classic, Extended and Endless. Classic mode has the four primary towers ( Gatling, Goo, Missile, and Tesla)  building capabilities, while Extended adds two more towers on that list. Like the name suggests, Extended allows defending indefinitely with no limits.

Several maps were released over the course of the update schedule. Grasslands were available in the basic version, and Crossroad made the way later with the update.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best place to download PPSSPP Games?

You can purchase games from Amazon, Walmart, or the official Sony store. They are cheap and often offer deals on purchasing packs. Downloading games online from pirated ROM sites can land you in trouble.

They can also be borrowed from your local library. Some of these institutions keep a collection of old games.

2. Can I make a dump of my PSP game without requiring an actual console?

There is no physical way to create a copy of your original game disc without having the PSP. If you are looking to buy PSP games, the official store for the same has been shut down. However, you can still purchase PS VITA and PS3 marketplaces to play games through the Downloads list.

3. Is a high-end phone required for playing PPSSP games on Android?

An average phone with 2 GB of RAM and space for storing the PPSSPP ROMS would be sufficient. Earlier Android phones had a problem because of their low power. That is not the issue anymore with the octa-core processors with a dedicated APU, GPU.

Over to You

The list of the best PPSSPP games on Android is never-ending. We compiled the list based on the combined metrics of popularity, sales, and critic score. You can help us continue the list by mentioning the game that deserves a spot here.