This Game Boy Advance Emulator Can Run Games That Other Emulators Can’t

Undoubtedly, Game Boy Advance is one of the greatest gaming consoles of all time. It was a great alternative to the PS2 in the early 2000s and Nintendo managed to sell over 81.51 million units in its 8 years of life span.

As you might know, Game Boy Advance Emulation is quite popular among gamers and enthusiasts. That said, sadly there aren’t many great Game Boy Advance Emulators out there. Luckily, that changes today thanks to the all-new SkyEmu emulator.

Well, the new GBA Emulator SkyEmu will deliver hyper-accurate emulation of the Game Boy Advance hardware which can run games that other emulators in the market are unable to handle. Presently, the 1.0 version of SkyEmu is available for download on GitHub.

In addition to being available for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs the emulator can also be as a web app from a desktop browser. Additionally, it’s also available for the portable Steam Deck.

The developers of the emulator have tested it on some of the most difficult to emulate games and SkyEmu was able to handle a bunch of titles that mGBA and VBA cannot. The consoles you can emulate on SkyEmu are GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Game Boy Advance.

Some of the most noteworthy features of SkyEmu are,

  • Highly accurate Game Boy Advanced emulation
  • Experimental Nintendo DS support (only capable of running homebrew currently)
  • Cross Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, Web App (with touch screen controls for iOS and Android)
  • Game Controller and Rumble Support with configurable keybinds
  • 4x Save Slots with screenshot preview
  • Game fast forward and rewind support
  • Support for emulating the Real Time Clock
  • CPU, MMIO, and Memory Debuggers
  • Dark and Light Themes
  • Support for loading official BIOSs dumps

Clearly, SkyEmu is a very well-developed emulator that’s helping preserve systems like the GBA for the future.