Ryujinx – The Switch Emulator gets a Performance Upgrade

Amongst the few working Nintendo Switch emulators for PC, Ryujinx has been handed a major performance upgrade. That was an area where it previously needed some serious rework. 

In its memory department, the developers have amped up the memory overhaul, nicknamed POWER ( Performance Optimizations With Extensive Ramifications).


The Overhaul: Behind the Curtains

Users with lower-end PC can finally take a sigh of relief. CPU requirements have been lowered, unlocking the potential for high-powered machines. 

Community-driven efforts have come to fruition, joint efforts of volunteers have enabled a performance. Users with various kinds of computers can expect anywhere between 20-100% of performance enhancement.

You don’t have to wait for the update as the POWER build is immediately available to download. That is on top of the multi-player version LDN 2.3

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Performance Benchmarks

It can’t be all talks and no show. Consequently, the developers in their blogpost , have shared several comparisons on the basis of FPS, boot-time, and more.


  • Ryzen 7 5800X and Intel i5-6600K are equipped with NVIDIA GPUs
  • Intel i5-1135G7 is using Intel Iris Xe graphics on Windows
  • Intel i7-4770 is using an AMD RX580 on Linux (Pop OS w/ TKG PDS kernel)

Ryujinx FPS Comparison

Ryujinx FPS Comparison

Ryujinx POWER FPS Comparison

Ryujinx POWER comparison


Boot Time

Boot times have been the corner of a disappointment for a long time. Users often complained that it is long enough for a game to upload that it felt like the emulator has frozen.

For the most part, the issues have been addressed, with emphasis on the PPTC mode apart from the standard settings.

Ryujinx Boot time Comparison

Ryujinx Boot time Comparison