PS3 Emulator RPCS3 Now Boots All the Games

RPCS3 is the only working PlayStation 3 Emulator for PC, which showed promise since its nascent stages of development. 

The project started a decade back in 2011 went from strength to strength with time before arriving at this milestone.

Around six months back, we covered the emulator in a post discussing PlayStation 3 emulators for PCAt that time; the dev team was working on over 4800 videogame titles in total.


Now RPCS3 Boots Up Each Game

Come October 2021, and the PS3 emulator can boot up each game without crashing. There is a long road ahead for making all the games playable, but this is a feat in the right direction.

Recently RPCS3 took to Twitter to announce the good news with their fans. This has started positive chatter in the emulator space, and finally, the clamors of the fans see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Compatibility Status 

As of today, the developer team and community are working on a total of 3233 video game titles to make them perfectly playable. Out of them, 63.5% are playable to complete with average performance, sans the glitches. Around 30% in the Ingame section have serious glitches and hence cannot be finished.

We go lower on the scale, with about 5% in the Intro section being able to pass the booting screen onto the menu. And on the downside, only 0.19% are loadable with a black screen, only booting up. 

The good news is the 0% of Nothing section, which denotes games that load at all or crash the emulator. You can check the compatibility list and see the progress for your favorite games.