PS4 Emulator for Android: Is There A Working Emulator To Download?

After the short-lived success of the PS3, Sony eyed to get back a firm grip on the console market. PlayStation 4 did precisely that, reaffirming with their decade defying gaming titles, along with a slimmer version of the console. 

Not everyone can afford a console for playing their favorite titles. Unlike the emulators for older generation PlayStations, there has been less development in the PS4 domain.

While some PS4 Emulators for Windows are available, it is far from reality for PS4 for Android devices.

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PS4 Emulator for Android Devices

Emulation takes an enormous amount of computer power to work. In easier words, emulating a PS4 is no walk in the park.

You will need an efficient emulator that is capable of emulating each component of the PlayStation 4. And for emulation, keep aside gigahertz of unfettered computing power at your disposal.  

Dial down for an Android device, and suddenly it may seem like a dream for the near future. As Moore’s law is evident, mobile CPUs are catching up with desktop CPUs

PS Remote Play – An Emulator?

Cloud gaming has picked up in the last couple of years. Before the advent, there was the lone PS Remote play. 

Log into your PS4(now PS5 as well) through the WIFI and start playing from your Android device. 

The Remote Play did not sit well with the users. Issues ranging from connectivity to gaming stability has been rampant among the disgruntled users.

Being a PlayStation owner is the primary requirement here, apart from a stable Internet connection. Folks looking to score free PS4 emulation on Android will be disappointed. 

Parade of the Fakes

The Internet is filled to the brim with fake PS4 emulators that don’t work.

1. Don’t fall prey to the malicious APKS available on random websites. They ask you to complete certain surveys, which ultimately leads to nowhere.
Sometimes they provide you with dummy APKs, mainly of sponsored applications.

2. Some listings on the Google Play store promise PS4 games. Once installed, you are bombarded with an excessive number of intrusive ads.

3. Several videos on YouTube promise tutorials and download links of a working PS4 emulator for Android. We tried a dozen of them, and none of them worked.

That’s not all; there are a few simulators available with the sole purpose of paradox alone.

Over to You

At a pace in which portable, mobile devices are being loaded up with power, PS4 emulation looks around the corner. Of-course it will require voluntary contributions by developers to develop a successful PS4 emulator for Android.

Watch out this space for when that happens. We will let you know you.