Download PS Vita Emulator For PC

Nintendo was running from pole to pole when Sony’s PSP(PlayStation Portable) reigned the market.

PS Vita was launched in the hopes of emulating the success with its eight-generation console. It was pegged as a direct competitor of Nintendo’s 3DS. The console series bounced back hard after a dismal performance with its predecessor.

Sony introduced a touch-screen in the handheld segment. A relatively new technology of its time when the smartphone market was witnessing an upward surge.

Short battery life, over-heating, amongst other issues, deterred sales during its release date stretch. The Japanese conglomerate did not stop there. In a bid to turn around the fortunes, PS Vita 200 series was launched. It promised a bigger battery size, a smaller screen, and an LCD instead of the OLED.

Industry experts and critics signed it off as a commercial failure. Not before it garnered a loyal fanbase. The kind of player base which is adamant about keeping it going.

Sony PS Vita has been discontinued for a couple of years now, but you can play the games using the PS Vita Emulator for PC.

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We tested different PS Vita emulators and have listed the ones that we found to be working.

Best PS Vita Emulators for PC

The lone working PS Vita emulator is Vita3K. It has been in the developmental stage for quite a while.
You will find its nightly builds available for download. Nightly versions mean that the software package is being updated continuously with new features, sometimes unstable. Features that someday may or may not become part of the stable version.

3KVita PS Vita emulator

Vita3K features

  • Co-op communication compatibility, thanks to the Discord integration. You can access the Discord tray while in the game as well.
  • Custom themes include background and home-screen. You can customize the looks of the PS Vita emulator. Let’s be honest; it can use a flair of creativity given the monotonous UI.
  • Controls mapped for the keyboard—joystick support to come in future releases.
  • A screensaver option that appears when the PS Vita emulator is left idle for longer than usual.
  • Search for your favorite if it’s playable yet from the compatibility list.
  • The on-screen buttons and text are completely customizable when it comes to its size, color, and more.
  • Different users can have separate user accounts. Each account contains individual save states, settings, and other preferences.


Should I trust other PS Vita Emulators out there?

Beware of the fake PS Vita emulators that are filled with fluff files with suspicious intentions. EmuPSVita has been raking in downloads in 100,000 while being a dud app that does nothing.

Over to You

PS Vita has discontinued just around two years ago. It housed commendable specs with yearly upgrade bumps with its new editions. Full-fledged emulation on PS Vita is at least a couple of years away. For now, savor the ones playable on the Vita3K. You can keep up on their progress from the forum, Discord channel, and other communication avenues.

Watch this space as new developments for PS Vita emulators emerge.