This PlayStation 4 emulator can now run Dozens of Games

PlayStation 4 emulator fans can rejoice as FpPS4 is finally making progress. A month ago we reported about it running 25 games. The list has extended to 41 games on PS4, which is far more than any other emulators.

It is still in development and has limitations, such as only being able to play 2D games. The list includes Sonic Mania, Super Meat Boy, Undertale, Arcade Archives VS. Castlevania, amongst few others.

The developer has termed the mentioned games as “playable.” You can check the compatibility list here and keep track when of the new titles that become playable.


What is fpPS4

pPFPS4 PS3 emulator

FpPS4 is a PlayStation 4 emulator developed by Red Prig. It has been able to play a small number of commercial games and homebrew titles, but the developer is working to improve its capabilities.

The PS4 emulator is currently capable of running 2D games. There is early progress for 3D but it is far from anything significant.


Has PS4 Emulation finally arrived?

That would be a no but hang on. While FpPS4 is taking baby steps, it’s a giant first step in the right direction. There are many fake PS4 emulators promising mountains but delivering nothing.

You will still need to compile it using Free Pascal so not everyone can try it yet. We will post a detailed guide once FpPS4 gets better and offers a long list of playable games.