Best Nintendo DS Emulator For Android That Works In 2024

Handheld consoles provide fun and entertainment on the go. Travelling upstates or stuck waiting in a long queue? Then the portable handheld consoles are the way to go. 

Nintendo DS was the gamechanger in the portable consoles category. PlayStation’s very own PSP had a blistering launch, with experts considering it as a superior console.

Sony had the technical aspects behind it, while Nintendo focussed emphatically on enhancing the user experience. The initial onboarding of third-party developers for the DS only helped the cause. 

The DS consoles are off the market, and their successor has uneven availability across different regions. 

That will not deter Nintendo DS enthusiasts from playing their favorite games. Play your favorite DS game on Android with the help of an emulator.

Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android

  • SuperNDS
  • Lemuroid
  • Free DS Emulator
  • nds4droid

1. SuperNDS

The First Nintendo DS emulator on the list is SuperNDS. It supports .nds, .zip, .7z and .rar format files.

SuperNDS Emulator

Moving onto the features, there is the mandatory autosave. You can set the frequency of times that the emulator will autosave the game progress, ranging from 1 min to 1 hour. 

Apart from the standard display options, you get a fog effect supported by different games. Swerving into audio, you can use your device’s in-built microphone as the mic as well.

Controls can be mapped, and the position of the buttons can be changed. However, the buttons’ size cannot be changed, while the transparency can help make them less obtrusive. 

The only downside is the frequency of unskippable ads at times, which take over 3-5 seconds of your time.


2. Lemuroid

Amongst the cleanest user-interface, Lemuroid fails to disappoint. As you launch the DS emulator, you are greeted with an option to scan directories for ROMs.

Lemuroid Emulator

The most talked-about feature has been the local multiplayer. Team up and play locally with your friends without requiring the Internet.
Overall the control support has been an upgrade from other emulators. Joysticks and gamepads are supported along with tilt to stick support.

A retro fan in you will like the LCD/CRT simulation. Zipped ROMs are supported as well, meaning you wouldn’t need to worry about uncompressing the zipped files on your device. And before we forget, there were zero ads anywhere on the emulator.


3. Free DS Emulator

Free DS Emulator

Free DS emulator hits it out of the park. A comprehensive set of settings and features for a superior level of gameplay.

Controls can be customized to the T. There are quick button functions, buttons delay time, and Haptik feedback, to name a few.

This is amongst the few Nintendo DS emulator to offer cheats support. The cheats support is enabled by default, which can be turned off from the settings.
The menu can be customized as well, with the choice between radial and analog.

4. nds4droid

An emulator that been marred by complaints, owing to its recent update. The emulator works well with the major video game titles.

Nds4Droid Emulator
Given the emulator is still in its early stages of development, you get the standard features alone. They include the likes of quicksave, save state, and quick restore.

Talking of the feature to look out for is the on-screen controller customization. You get the portrait and landscape touch buttons and the ability to set the transparency of them.

Over to You

You talk about Nintendo DS, and here we are with a few of the best DS emulators for Android. They work well, coupled with high latitudes of stability.