30 Best PSP Games Of All Time ( Most Sold )

Sony decided to push the envelope with PlayStation Portable, popularly known as the PSP amongst the fans. The first general of the company’s handheld console, PocketStation, was a moderate success at best.

Consequently, the gaming titles for PSP paved way for a new generation of handheld console gamers.

Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance dominated the market at the time but the graphics and games were no match to what PSP had in store.

The extravagant and engaging video game titles only helped PSP establish itself in an otherwise underappreciated market.

If you are looking to download and play the best PSP games of all time on your PlayStation Portable or using a PSP emulator then this list of the most sold PSP games might help you.

Best PSP Games Of All Time

1. Gran Turismo

Genre: Sim Racing

gran turismo

Revving up the list, we have Gran Turismo at our hands as the top PSP game. With over 800 vehicles to choose from, gamers will never run out of cars to drive around.

You get 45 different race tracks for driving these many cars, capable of up to 99 laps in one go. Unlike its predecessor, Gran Turismo 4, you do not have open-world maps.

The lone player, single-player, has three different sims – Time Trial, Single Race, and Drift Trial. Music enthusiasts will not get bored with the offline and online. You can use your tracks to play while driving around in the game.


2. Grand Theft Auto : Liberty Cities

Genre: Action-Adventure, Open world

Gta Liberty Cities PSP game

No gaming list is complete without mentioning GTA, which topped the charts in the best PSP games title segment. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Cities was a PSP exclusive game developed by the Rockstar studios.

Set in an open-world environment, the player can do anything like a regular person. But hold your horses; it follows the story of a mobster, Toni Cipriani, who aims to rise through the ranks of the Leone family.

You cannot swim or fly, but motorcycles are available. On top of that, there is a multiplayer mode, which can connect up to six players through WiFi (Ad-hoc mode) – same area.

3. Wipeout Pure

Genre: Racing

wipeout pure best psp game

Hop on the time machine, and we go to the future with Wipeout Pure. The game is set in the year 2197, which is precisely 100 years after its predecessor.

Fundamentally the game is all about racing but with a twist. There are no wheels on your cars as they are anti-gravity, levitating above the ground.

The cars come loaded with weapons and ammunition. As you must have guessed, the artillery includes missiles, rockets, plasma bolts, and mines.

Apart from the regular breaks, you have the special “air brakes” that come in handy during tight cornering. Handling will not be an impossible task when you are beating the clock.


4. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Genre: hack and slash, action-adventure

God of War Best PSP game

Based on Greek mythology, the third-person game series has grown from strength to strength. Its successor for PS4 garnered several accolades, including a game of the year at the BAFTA.

The plot is set in the city of Marathon. It is where the protagonist is sent after defeating the Persian king in the city of Attica. He encounters the underworlds to bring his back brother, who was kidnapped by Titan Atlas.

As a player, you control the character Kratos, a warrior Spartan and has the mighty power from the Gods. His primary weapons, a pair of blades attached to the chain, wrapped around the arm.


5. Daxter

Genre: Platform


Daxter is a bug exterminator, the primary character in one of the best PSP of the Platform genre for the console. He is searching for his friend, Jak, who the Krimzon guard captures.

While on the pursuit to find Jak, an old man named Osmo hires Daxter to be a bug exterminator. As he works on his job across different parts of Haven city, Jak appears in a Prison zoomer.

After an inevitable turn of events, Osmo decides to help him find Jak. The journey to finding and defeating Kaedon is full of ups and downs.


6. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Genre: Action Role-playing

Best PSP Game Monster Hunter

A fantasy-themed role-playing game, where the player takes the role of a hunter, slayer, or trapping of large monsters across different landscapes. It is amongst the best PSP game in the action role-playing genre.

The quests are given by the locals, which also involves rare collectible items. After hunting down monsters, players get to loot their resources and quest rewards for weapons, armor, and more.

You can hold up to 99 items in this installment of the game. A new kind of quest, The Epic hunting quest, has been introduced, where you fight four monsters in a single quest.


7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Genre: Action-Adventure, Open World

gta vicecity stories

Dial back to GTA, as another installment makes that is amongst the best PSP games ever on the console. Owing to its juggernaut success, the game was ported to PS2.

The game is set in Vice City of 1984, with Victor “Vic” Vance as the main character. To raise money for his sick brother, Vic decides to gets his hands dirty with his colleague.

Things go awry, and his partners frame him for the crime. Vic works on rebuilding his life and gets on the other side of the law.


8. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Genre: Role-playing

the legend of heroes

Initially released for Windows, it was later ported to PSP. As a player, you control a cast of characters, embarking on different quests for progressing in the game.

We get two different kinds of maps – town maps and field maps. The field maps have battles when a player comes across an enemy.

On the other hand, town maps have utility value, where you can visit shops to purchase various items, replenish health, amongst other things.


9. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Genre: hack and slash, action-adventure

god of war ghost of sparta

A successor to Chains of Olympus that we discussed earlier. The plot is similar, but the storyline differs from the earlier installments.

New weapons, navigational abilities, and magic powers have been included, which were not present in the earlier games. And turns out it has 25 percent more gameplay than Chains of Olympus.

That’s not even scratching the surface; the combat system has been updated with new ways for Kratos to subdue the enemies. The story is set near the real-life location, Methana volcano.


10. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Genre: third-person shooter, stealth

Syphon Filter Best PSP game

Next on the list of the best PSP games is Syhpon Filter: Dark Mirror, which is a part of the trilogy. In the stealth game genre, it is amongst the best PSP game to play.

The game finally returns to its roots, taking a different approach from its predecessors. You primarily assume the role of Gabe Logan with occasionally donning the special operative, Lian Xing.

Gabe is summoned to Alaska after the assassination of a prominent figure. He encounters the Red team on his first mission after the return.


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11. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

Genre: platform

ratchet and clank

Ratchet & Clank are this dynamic duo who are considered heroes by society. They use to have floating ships, but now they have giant clanks, giant robots controllable by the characters.

The story starts when the duo meets a schoolgirl who is preparing an essay on heroes. Later the little girl is kidnapped by mysterious robots.

They go on a bewildering journey to rescue the girl. What they find there changes the things upside down.


12. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Genre: Action Role-playing

monster hunter portable

A sequel to the Freed Unite that we mentioned earlier. New regions, the Felyne system, and monsters have been added to the game.

Unlike its predecessors, the game has been completely remade, taking minimal inspiration from the earlier installments. 

Moving to the story, it is set in a village of feudal Japan. Players can now take two Felyne(s) together on a quest, apart from the artillery upgrades.


13. Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Genre: Fighting

tekken 5 PSP game

Tekken is the best PSP game in the fighting genre. Its fifth installment has made all the right noises amongst the fans.

Three new characters have been added up, with the initial story teasing the destructive ambitions of Emilie.

It is an official update to the Tekken 5 available on PS2, with the addition of twelve more rankings titles. Divine Fist is the highest-ranking title now.


14. Dissidia Final Fantasy

Genre: Action role-playing, fighting

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Next on the list is a spinoff of the older series, which was made into Final Fantasy. It was launched on the Final Fantasy series’ 20th anniversary.

The characters are taken from different versions of the Final Fantasy game. As for the story, the game centers around the conflict between Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, and chaos, the god of discord.

Apart from the single-player mode, you can battle one-on-one fights using the wireless feature.


15. Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

Genre: Racing

midnight club three

Back on the wheel, we have Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition. An open-world racing game where you can roam around, take up challenges and win collectible items.

A player can unlock cars and its customization by winning different races. The cars are divided into different grades – D, C, B, and A, categorized based on their performance.

As for the races, there are five types of races in the game – Ordered Race, Circuit Race, Unordered Race, Autocross Race, Track and Frenzy.


16. Everybody’s Golf Portable

Genre: Sports

Everybodys Golf Portable

Next up, we have one of the best PSP games in the sports genre. The fifth installment in the Everybody’s Gold series but the first for PSP.

Hold down your ace with seven different game modes, which include a separate training mode. Items are unlockable as you get better at the game.

One thing to be noted down is that the game is based on arcade-like gameplay. Real-life accuracy has been compromised because of that.


17. God Eater

Genre: Action role-playing

God Eater

God Eater is an extraordinary warrior, as controlled by the player, who is on the mission to defeat monstrous enemies.

In the single-player mode, you get over 100 missions to complete. On top of that, we get a co-op three teammates mode with wireless (Adhoc).

Players can upgrade, enhance their weapons as they progress, and complete different missions. You do that by defeating enemies in a mission while on limited time.


18. LittleBigPlanet

Genre: Puzzle, Platform

little big planet

Originally developed for the PlayStation 3, its population prompted for a PSP port. You play as the main character, the Sackboy.

Initially based in Australia, with the place known as Down Under. Sackboy meets Bruce, who is a somewhat helpful character. Together they travel through various hoops around Brazil and Persia.

The game has 23 main levels, 14 mini levels, of which 2 are primarily “mini-games.” All of them are based on the inspiration drawn from the Chinese gardens, the Alpines’ icy stages, and the Australian desert.


19. Patapon

Genre: Rhythm Game


Yet another game of a successful franchise. Patapon is different from what we have already discussed in our compilation of the best PSP games.

As a character, the player acts as an invisible deity god. He has command over the tribe of anthropomorphic eyeballs, known as the Patapon.

They can be controlled by using a sequence of drum beats. You can command them to move, attack, and defend at your will.


20. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008

Genre: Sports

wwe smackdown 2008 psp

Every kid and adult has been a fan of WWE at some point in time. You can wrestle as your favorite WWE wrestler. There is no second doubt of this being one of the best PSP games to be ever released, owing to its franchise popularity and realism in characters.

Each wrestler primarily has two fighting styles, having certain advantages and disadvantages along with it.

The game has several modes, including the WWE 24/7, where the player plays a wrestler or creates a new one for achieving the legend status.


21. Persona 3 Portable

Genre: Role-playing, Social-Simulation

Persona 3 Portable

After a tremendous response on the PlayStation 2, Persona 3 made its way to the PSP. This time around, the fans had the chance to play as a female character, which also affected the Social Link stories. As a result of this change, the first Persona had an altered appearance.

Listening to fans after a long time, the guard ability has finally been introduced. Ten new musical tracks have been added as well over the original version.

As for the gameplay, we use the on-screen cursor to guide the game, interacting with objects and characters. We wear different personas while following the protagonist, building relations, and fighting the demons during the Dark Hour.


22. Ape Escape: On the Loose

Genre: Platform

Ape Escape PSP

Ape Escape: On the Loose is a remake of the popular PlayStation 1, with the view from a third-person perspective. The game begins with Specter, a white-haired monkey who goes rogue after the Professor puts on a Monkey Point helmet, which increases his intelligence beyond expectation. The suddenly turned evil monkeys must be tamed by the protagonist, who visited the professor’s laboratory to visit with his best friend.

We play as the character of Spike – a young boy who is handed the task of capturing the apes and prevent them from capturing the planet. The way to progress in the game is by capturing the apes in a different environment. New gadgets are made available as we advance in the game.

Unlock the three hidden minigames by collecting the Specter coins spread throughout the game. Don’t forget to grab the cookies that help restore your health after a battle.


23. Half-Minute Hero

Genre: Real-time Strategy, Action-role playing

Best PSP Game

Half-Minute Hero was initially developed as a freeware game called “30-Second Hero,” later adapted into a PSP game. The 8-bit graphics were given an “old-school” refresh, inspired by renowned RPGs such as the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchise. 

Get busy with the six elaborate game modes, each part of a sizeable connecting story. You must finish the first three modes to unlock the proceeding three. The game modes are as follows.

  • Hero 30 Mode: Hero is the main player handed the task by Time Goddess with ample powers to reset the time when the situation arises. The objective is to defeat the enemy boss who plans to cast a spell to destroy the world in 30 seconds. 
  • Evil Lord 30 Mode: As a player, you control the Evil Lord, who has the powers to summon three creatures – Brawlers, Shooters, and Nimbles, who are assembled to fight the enemy forces.
  • Princess 30 Mode: Here, we control the Princess, whose primary weapon of choice is a rapid-fire crossbow. Living in the castle, guarded by the guards, she steps out of the kingdom to collect items to help her ailing father. 
  • Knight 30 Mode: This mode involves controlling a Knight whose main mission is to protect a Sage. Any harm to the Sage will result in him casting the spell that will annihilate the world in 30 seconds. 
  • Hero 300 Mode: Similar to Hero 30 mode, we get 300 seconds instead of 30. The objective is the same, to save the planet at all costs. No Time Goddess is available to reset the time. 
  • Hero 3 Mode: Similar to Hero 30, but we get only 3 seconds to defeat the boss. To our luck, the Time Goddess is available here. 


24. Secret Agent Clank

Genre: Platform

Secret Agent Clank

Eye of infinity, a precious gem is stolen from the Boltaire museum. Ratchet, becomes the prime suspect being present at the scene and ultimately jailed for the crime he did not commit.

Clank, the protagonist here, suspects Ratchet’s involvement and begins his own investigation in the matter. He is held captive at the Asyanica Rooftops and sends a distress signal to the Gadgebots agency for help.

Meanwhile in the prison, the victims of the larger conspiracy is fending for his life. To his good fortunes, he finds a an ally in the arms of a former plumber.


25. LocoRoco 2

Genre: Platform

Loco Roco 2 PSP

In a sequel to the original game, the MojoCorps is living a peaceful life after the battle. But the Bon Muncho, the Moja boss, is not ready to accept the defeat, so he devises a plan of creating a song, which sucks the life out of living things.

With LocoRoco 2, now we can swim underwater, squeeze through many cervices and gain several new abilities. Witnessing new characters, there is the Majolinè, Voile, the BuiBui, and an old lady named Galanmar.

The ultimate objective of the LocoRoco is to restore the life of the living things, defeat enemies and the final boss in the grand battle.

26. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Action role-playing

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

This PSP game is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. The events here involve a battle between the citizens of  Wutuai, and the megacorporation, primarily formed by the private army of Shinra.

In the game, we follow the young soldier, Zack Fair, who is handed the task of finding a fellow colleague, Genesis Rhapsodo. Things take a dramatic turn when the young fellow meets the missing soldier.

At save points, you get the option to do other side missions. For this, Zack is taken to a different location to complete these bonus missions.

Your player is equipped with materia(up to 6) to fight monsters and enemies, cast different spells, and yield distinct abilities.


27. Monster Hunter Freedom 2

Genre: Action role-playing

Monster Hunter Freedom - Best PSP Game

Another sequel on our hand, based on PS2’s Monster Hunter 2, the objective remains the same here as well.

The game involves two kinds of quests; the smaller ones involve gathering items and killing tiny creatures. On the other hand, the main quest involves annihilating a couple of “boss” class monsters.

All the quests are divided into the difficulty of three kinds, given by people of different esteemed positions. Village head hands out the Elder quests, lower Hunter ranks provide the Guild quests. The third one is the Treasure hunting quests, given by Treshi, the Treasure Hunter.

Some downloadable quests are available that provide some exclusive material that helps create bonus weapons that cannot be created otherwise.


28. Velocity

Genre: Shoot’em up, Puzzle

bet PPSSPP game on Android

The game is set far ahead in the future, in the year 2122. Aircrafts flying between galaxies is a reality, and you are behind one’s wheel as well.

You play as the pilot of Quarp Jet, which is shouldered with the responsibility of rescuing the stranded ships. We do that by finding particular stations, disabling their defense shields, and then saving the ships.

Our ship has the ability to firebombs to prevent the incoming debris and enemies from harming the vehicle.

When you reach a significant area, make sure to drop a Telepod. It provides you the ability to come back here when needed.

However, this is where it gets tricky. The player must come back and solve the puzzle, basically activating the switches in the correct order.

Overall velocity is a good PSP game.


29. Fieldrunners

Genre: Tower Defense

Fieldrunners PPSSPP game

Taking inspiration from the Age of Empires and several games such as Dota 2, World of Warcraft has been based upon it, Fieldrunners carved its own sub-niche.

The basic and primary objective of the game is to defend the towers, which you create. You get canon shooting stations in the form of artillery to protect the towers.

Initially, we get two maps before the third one makes a debut  – Grasslands and Crossroad, where the latter gets added through a later update, feature open-world with new movements of the enemies.

The third map is Drylands, which has three different entry points, two from left to right and one from top to bottom,

Enough with the maps, let’s talk game modes – Classic, Extended, and Endless. The first two modes have a limit of defending to 100 rounds. All of them have three difficulties – Easy, Medium, and Hard.

As for the infrastructure building, classic, the player can build four towers (Goo, Gatling, Missile, and Tesla), and extended mode has two more towers, Flame and Mortar.

And for the Endless mode, the player has no limit on defending time. You will have a plethora of fun playing this PSP game and fighting the enemies.


30. Tekken 6

Genre: Fighting

Tekken 6 - best Psp game

This game franchise needs no introduction. From being released for Arcade to handheld consoles, it has made quite the journey.

The seventh overall installment of the game features new and bigger stages along with better game mechanics. Now walls and floors can be broken down to find new fighting areas.

Now all the characters have a Rage system equipped, represented by a bar. Once activated, the bar fills with red, and you unleash a new side of the player.

Diving into the plotlines, Jin Kazama is a wanted man now in the King of Iron Fist tournament after his victory over his great-grandfather,  Jinpachi Mishima.

A war is brewing; many interesting characters rebel from the army but are neutralized by the G-corporation.

PSP Games FAQs

How to download PSP Games for free?

Downloading PSP games online is a rather slippery slope. We are strictly against piracy of any kind. You can visit your local library to borrow original UMD discs for playing games.

The other way is through homebrew games, which are free to play programs and games made by independent developers.

What was the last ever PSP game?

Retro City Rampage DX, was the last PSP game that was released in July 2016.

Which PSP game has the best graphics?

Final Fantasy Type-0, LocoRoco 2, and God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta are some of the PSP games with the best graphics.

What is the best selling PSP game?

“Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories” developed by Rockstar is the best-selling PSP game with over 8 million copies sold worldwide.


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Over to You

This list of the best PSP games is non-exhaustive and definitely not objective. There are many games that we may have missed. Let us know the ones to include and expand this list.