Windows Phone Emulator For Android Can Run Abandoned Games

If you are old enough and an active part of the tech community then you might know that back in the day there used to be the Windows Phone OS for smartphones in addition to Android and iOS.

Sadly the Windows Phone OS failed and it’s no longer supported by Microsoft. When the OS died several games that were exclusively available for the OS also became abandoned. Well, a Windows Phone emulator for Android can now help you play these games.

This new Windows Phone emulator for android goes by the name WPR and it’s capable of running some WP 7 and 8 games on modern Android devices. The developers of this emulator tested around 33 games out of which 15 were running. The XNA games are working using Vulkan.

It’s worth noting that, at the time of writing this article the emulator is still in the early development stages, and it will definitely get better with time. This emulator is also able to connect to Xbox Live helping you to unlock Xbox Live achievements.

On the official GitHub page, the developer has stated that,

“Only Vulkan is supported officially on Android,”

Furthermore, he also added,

“I don’t resolve OpenGL graphics distortion for now. Game achievement assets like descriptions or names are scrapped from TrueAchievements. Mapped it to emulator need to modify two jsons in Database folder.”

If you want to, you can download and install the WPR Alpha APK and try out the emulator. Do note that XNA files are required to run WP 7 and 8 games. Some of the best games available for the Windows Phone platform are Halo: Spartan Assault, Spartan Strike, and Kinectimals Unleashed.