Windows 10 Installation Bug Forcing Users To Buy Microsoft 365

In recent news, we stated that a Microsoft 365 trial offer is blocking access to Windows 10 desktops. Now a new bug has come into existence: a full-screen pop-up that attempts to sell Microsoft 365 to users when they try to install Windows 10.

Clearly, the bug is not new. However, what it does is that in Windows 11 22H2 it prevents users from skipping the Microsoft 365 offer, which means they’re literally forced to enter credit card details.

Normally, Microsoft 365 offer greets users with two options namely “Try for free” and “No, thanks”.

Windows 10 installation bug

The “No, thanks” button should ideally skip and terminate the Microsoft 365 registration and redirect the user to the next screen.

However, thanks to the but the “No, thanks” button opens the registration window for Microsoft 365 trial forcing users to enter their card details.

In addition to selling Microsoft services, users are forced to link their Android phone to Windows 10 and sign in to their Microsoft accounts by the bug.

According to Windows Latest, an anonymous Microsoft source stated that this problem is not intentional and it’s rather a bug.

The source further stated that “The company accidentally switched over the strings for “No, thanks” with “Try for free”.

In other words, the try it button is actually “No, thanks”, and “No, thanks” is a sign-up button.”

If that sounded a bit confusing then in a nutshell “The buttons are simply flipped due to a bug.”

At the time of writing this article, Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the bug but hopefully, it will get patched soon.