Is ROMsMania Safe & Legal To Download ROMs?

Videogame Consoles have been a stepping stone for gaming. It gave birth to ROMS, which are loaded on video game cartridges containing the video game.

ROMsMania is a popular website providing ROMS downloads of games for different consoles, ranging from Amiga 500, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable, steam deck.

They have been subjected to various lawsuits, as they offer copyrighted games for free. Adding to that, their domains keep on changing from time to time due to blockade by the registrars.

Google Safe Browsing Test of ROMsMania

We cannot run anti-virus on a website to determine its safety.

Google has taken it upon itself to determine whether a website is unsafe for visiting.

After entering the site’s URL in the status checker, the result was “No Unsafe Content was Found.” 

In easier words, there were no malicious links found or any evidence website had been hacked.

RomsMania Google Safebrowsing

Testing the ROM Files On ROMsMania

Romsmania may appear as a tip-top website on paper, but it’s time to put it to the test.

It offers ROMS for download. They are in the form of executable file installers that download the ROMS for you.

The result for the downloader file was underwhelming and not surprising at all. We could run the downloader as the Window’s own Defender flagged and removed it.

Romsmania Virustotal report


In the take two, we decided to disable the Microsoft Defender for a while(not recommended) and downloaded the installer again.

You will have to dodge two unwanted programs during installation, which may get installed if you don’t pay attention.

After getting the ROM file, we tested it through VirusTotal to be sure. The results were clean and did not detect any kind of suspicious activity, malware, or any virus.

Is Romsmania safe?


So, is Romsmania Safe and Legal?

It is a slippery slope to begin. Providing ROMS for free, it is definitely not legal.

The downloader contains adware, meaning a few unwanted software are bundled with it.

You can refuse to install them but have to keep vigilance. Often we go on the acceptance spree while installing any application without paying attention.

Once you are past it, the download process is smooth sailing. You get the file downloaded in a zip form.

Romsmania WOT Score

Romsmania has a poor WOT score of 2.5. Most of the users have reported viruses and adware bundles being installed with ROM files.

RomsMania Alternatives

We don’t blame you for having second thoughts about RomsMania. You can look at the other ROM sites.

1. Hexrom


Housing ROMS of over 100 plus video game consoles, such as PS1, Wii, Sega Genesis, etc. You can also download a wide variety of emulators.

All in all, the website offers over 95,000 videogame ROMS. They can be downloaded directly from the site after the link is generated.


2. Romsie

romsie rom site

Keeping it simple, Romsie is yet another RomsMania alternative with an impressive collection of video games. You can check out the tables of top consoles, most downloaded, and top-rated.

While the default download speeds are slow, you can fix them by using a download manager.


3. Retrostic


The video games are in ISO and ROM format. Retrostic offers a library of over 80,000 games across 50 different consoles.

That’s not all; you can also check out the ROM hacks section. They can be used to enhance your game experience.


DISCLAIMER – We do not condone piracy and downloading the ROMS illegally. This article answers the general query regarding the website, which is often asked on Reddit and other forums.

Over to you

Is RomsMania Safe? We laid out the facts for you. Now it is your turn to decide. Minus the download manager, the files appear to be safe.

Even then, if you have a doubt, then check out the alternatives that we have mentioned above.