Someone Turned LEGO NES Into A Real Functional NES Emulator

We all have been fans of the classic NES and its gigantic library of games that began in the early 80s. LEGO decided to take fans down the memory lane by releasing a LEGO NES set in partnership with Nintendo

A reddit user i_is_snoo decided to take his love for the console to the next level and made a functional NES emulator. The body of the console is made up of Lego toy bricks.

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The Looks of It

The LEGO fan really went to the town with it. The enthusiastic fan took care of the intricate details, down to the cartridges, apart from the controller, wires

Nice Fit
byu/i_is_snoo inlego


How does it Work?

The console’s externalities are made up of toy bricks, but the internal packs a power Raspberry Pi 3. 

For the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi 3 is a small circuit board-based computer with a palm or a more modest size. It sports enough memory for day-to-day computer functions. 

The zealous reddit user used Lakka, an open-source NES emulator for Linux that runs virtually all the NES games on the LEGO NES emulator.

Three days later, after demands by hundreds of users on the subreddit, i_is_snoo decided to post a live demo of the working LEGO NES emulator on the site.

Update Video for the Nice Fit Post
byu/i_is_snoo inlego

Will the modders stop at this? We hope not.