Internet Archive Adds Calculator Emulators

Internet Archive saves a copy of most things on the internet, from tools, audios, videos, books to snapshots of the many websites along with other cultural artifacts. They help preserve help certain parts of the web that otherwise may become history.

Their goal is to preserve and share the world’s digital heritage and has since become one of the largest online collections of information in the world.

They recently added The Calculator Drawer to the library, presented by the Mame Project team, the people behind the famous arcade emulator.

The Calculator Drawer offers a range of calculators ranging from Electronic Number Muncher to the classic Ti-83 Plus

Taking a Closer Look

Press the ON button to switch on the calculator like a physical one. You can use most of them using the keyboard and some require the mouse. Advanced calculators like Voyage 2000 PLT has key animation to mimic the real thing.

Calculator Emulator

You have simple ones with basic arithmetic operating operations calculators, the ones for advanced calculations. The calculator emulator loads in your browser with a size ranging from 8 to 24 MB.

The Electronic Number Muncher is quite popular with users. I tried the TI-73 explorer and it works faster than any one of us would expect. The HP 48G+ is one of the slower ones of the lot, as it takes a lot of time to perform simple operations.