Bluestacks Receives Backlash For Hidden Web3 Wallet In Installation

Undoubtedly, Bluestacks is one of the most feature-packed and reliable Android Emulators out there that has been around for almost half a decade now.

Since Bluestacks almost acts as an Android smartphone, you can use it to download any Android app or game on your PC.

However, while installing or updating the program many users noticed that a strange program by the name of “ wallet” is automatically installed on their computers.

While the Bluestacks team describes it as a web3 gaming experience in reality is a mobile cloud gaming service.

Even though the app is not at all dangerous by any means and is simply bloatware but installing apps without the consent of users is a violation of GDPR law.

Users on Reddit states that,

“This may be the last straw for me. I’m already having to uninstall Bluestacks X every time because they force that on us now matter how many times I write them telling them to stop it, but adding this crap without any mention or notification is crossing a line.”

Another user said,

“If it was worthwhile, they would not do the trashy practice of installing without your knowledge. I would uninstall immediately. I would (and I personally did) report them to IC3 which is a branch of the FBI that investigates any Internet Crime.”