BGMI Won’t Be Optimized for Emulators; 90 FPS Coming to Devices

BGMI released the second episode of “We Heard You” on its website stating some of the user-requested features and their feasibility to come alive on the platform or not. This includes the ability to use redeem code, 90Hz mode, and BGMI on emulators among others.

BGMI’s 2nd ‘We Heard You’ Episode Updates

A lot of BGMI players usually post their feature requests and more on BGMI. Based on their ‘feasibility and applicability, these features are tested and that’s how the game rolls out a new feature.

Talking about the episode, someone asked when will they get 90Hz mode on their devices? BGMI stated that now many devices support 90fps mode and the gaming experience enhances when playing at 90Hz rather than 60Hz.

You will find BGMI at 90fps, the dev team is working on optimization tests on a varied set of devices supporting 90Hz mode. The process will still take some time for BGMI to roll out the support for higher refresh rate across devices.

Another question was around emulators and if BGMI will ever roll out an official emulator version or not. It is easier to spoof an emulator when playing BGMI that allows for ease of cheats and mods which gives an unfair advantage to the users. The dev team has clearly stated that there are no plans to roll out an official emulator version.

Next up, there’s a question on adding bonus challenges to which, devs stated that they are currently reviewing the same internally and they will update the players once there’s more information available about the same.

Lastly, there was a question on when will BGMI hold a redeem code release event to which the devs mentioned that they are currently in the process of internally reviewing it and that it will take some time before they can reveal more information about it.

Note that these aren’t the only queries and feature requests that BGMI players forwarded to the developer team. However, since there’s a stringent and lengthy vetting process behind each query, they couldn’t answer more questions.