10 Best Windows 8 Themes & Background Skins Download

If you are bored with the default interface of Windows 8, you can choose themes and background skins to change the look of your PC. 

Themes and background skins allow you to customize the UI of your Windows 8 completely.

Everything can be customized from widgets to wallpaper, icons, folder/files design, taskbar, start menu, tiles and even sound. 

Moreover, these themes in dark and grey modes can also be optimized to put less strain on your eyes.

Here are the best Windows 8 themes and background skins you can download on your PC and Laptops. 

Best Windows 8 Themes & Background Skins 

1. Tropical Beach Theme

Tropical Beach Theme

The first theme that we have on this list is Tropical Beach Theme. This theme will give your PC the look and feel of a beach. 

There are HD wallpapers of some of the most popular beaches from around the world. You can choose the beach you want to set as the wallpaper on your PC. 

You will love this theme if you want beach wallpapers to decorate your PC. 

2. Call of Duty: Warzone Theme

Call of Duty Warzone Theme

If you are a Call of Duty games fan, you will love this theme on your Windows 8 PC. 

This Call of Duty: Warzone theme brings you some of the best wallpapers from the game that you can set up on your PC. There are 15 HD wallpapers included in the theme. The theme is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

3. Genshin Impact Theme

Genshin Impact Theme

Genshin Impact is an adventure game that sets you on an adventure in a new world where you must build up your team and battle enemies. As the name suggests, this theme is based on the Genshin Impact. 

This theme includes HD wallpaper from the Genshin Impact game that you will like if you have played Genshin Impact or any fantasy-based adventure game before. 

The wallpapers are mesmerizing and well-suited to change the complete look of your PC into a fantasy world. 

4. Dark Cars Theme

Dark Cars Theme

As it is clear from the name, the dark cars theme features dark wallpapers of cars. The theme showcases aesthetic car wallpapers that will look good on your car. 

If you are a car lover just like us, then you know how cool and aesthetic the black/dark color looks on a car. 

The theme is best to represent your love for cars. It has wallpapers of supercars like Lamborghini, Audi, Aston, Lexus, and more. 

5. Starry Sky Theme

Starry Sky Theme

This Windows 8 theme has wallpapers of starry nights. The wallpaper has eye-catching wallpapers of the starry night. 

There are wallpapers of different landscapes of starry nights. There are a total of 19 HD wallpapers in this theme. 

You can set the wallpaper individually or as a slideshow, with each wallpaper rotating after some time. 

6. Bing Theme

Bing Theme

You might be wondering what a Bing theme is. Is it based on Bing Search Engine? Well, this theme comprises wallpapers of beautiful landscapes. 

But why the name Bing then? It is because the wallpapers on this theme are from the Bing Search result with the Bing watermark at the bottom right corner. 

There are wallpapers of beautiful scenery from different parts of the world. There are wallpapers of lakes, beaches, flower gardens, etc, in this beautiful theme. 

7. Earth Theme

Earth Theme

Imagine how our Earth would look from outer space. This theme includes wallpapers of Earth. 

There are pictures of Earth from different angles and scenarios, like Earth when the first ray of sunlight falls on the surface. There are around 11 HD wallpapers of Earth that you will like. 

This theme is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10/11. This theme is a must to have for anyone interested in outer space, galaxies, and planets. 

8. Paradise Theme

Paradise Theme

The quest for a peaceful vacation in paradise is unending, right? We cannot fulfill your dream of a beautiful vacation, but all we can offer is this Paradise theme. 

This theme has wallpapers of different beaches and exquisite holiday places worldwide. This theme does its best in relaxing the mind amidst all the workload. 

There are 13 different wallpapers that you can stare at for as long as possible and calm your mind thinking of a perfect holiday in paradise. 

9. Warframe Theme

Warframe Theme

This is another gaming theme that we have on this list. This gaming theme is specifically aimed to amuse Warframe fans. 

But why so? It is because the theme has wallpapers from the Warframe game, which includes the game character and a sneak peek into the gameplay.

If you are all in to try some cool-looking gaming theme featuring Warframe wallpapers, then this should be the one you should opt for.

10. Forests (Dual Monitor) Theme

Forests (Dual Monitor) Theme

This dual monitor theme works best when you have two monitors connected to your PC. Each wallpaper in this theme has a panoramic view, best suited for a dual monitor setup. 

There are 20 HD images of forests, including forests covered in snow, rivers amidst the forest, forests with still water, and more. 

The theme has soothing wallpaper, and you can set them as the background of your Windows 8 PC for a relaxing experience. 

Is Windows 8 Outdated?

Windows 8 is outdated and has also reached the end of support from Microsoft.

You can move to the newer version Like Windows 10 or Windows 11 if your PC meets the hardware requirements.

Bottom Line

These were some of the most preferred Windows 8 themes and background skins you can download on your PC.

If you want to completely change the look of your Windows 8 PC, then you can opt for the themes mentioned in this article.