86Box receives a Major Update After Two Years with Major Changes

If you are a fan of old games of the 80s, then 86Box must sound familiar. 

For the uninitiated, 86Box is a low-level x86 emulator for older computers( 8086-based processors to Pentium) to run IBM PC systems and other compatible systems from 1981 till PCI Bus was the norm.
86box emulator

A fortnight ago, a new update was released for the emulator after over two years with its 3.0 version.

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What’s in the update?

  • A total of 288 new machines are added in this update.
  • It comes in company with multiple CPU support, paving its way into the multi-core setup. 
  • Pentium Pro, Pentium II, and Celeron have made a debut while being far from perfection.
  • Added language support for Simplified Chinese, French, German, Croatian, Japanese, and Italian, amongst the 15 new translations.
  • A new media menu has also been added to provide a fresh way to eject media from the emulator.
  • Per-monitor v2 support for Windows 10, which eliminates blurry menu view.
  • Custom resolution option in the windowed mode for a more realistic experience.
  • A couple of new sound cards is added along with AC’ 97 codecs.


Users who are trying it for the first time, make sure to download a ROM from here along with the emulator.