You Can Soon End Tasks Without Task Manager In Windows 11

One of the primary reasons why a majority of Windows user launch Task Manger is to end tasks or programs that aren’t responding or are frozen.

The method is tried and trusted and quickly closes the unresponding applications.

However, Microsoft is reportedly working on adding a completely new end task option to the Windows 11 taskbar. This will be similar to the force quit applications option that we have in macOS.

Consequently, you can simply select or right-click the frozen programs and hit the force quit or end task button.

As a matter of fact, Windows 11 test builds already have this new option. Presently, you can kill or stop a task by using Task Manager, Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Settings as long as they can identify the name or Process Identifier (PID).

If the new feature makes its way to the public build of Windows 11, users will be able to instantly kill tasks right from the taskbar.

Furthermore, a new search bar will also be integrated with the Windows 11 taskbar in the upcoming updates helping users to easily find and kill frozen tasks.

Another noteworthy feature that will be included with the new Windows 11 test build is a major update for accessibility features.

This update enhances the Live Captions feature by adding support for several new languages, including Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, and others.

Clearly, Windows 11 is heading in the right direction as far as features are concerned.