Windows 11 Task Manager Will Soon Make Troubleshooting Easier

Task Manager is one of the most important pieces of software available in almost every modern Windows OS.

It allows users to monitor the system resources and the consumption of system resources by different programs and applications. If you’re facing trouble with any software then also you can force kill the app using Task Manager.

The first major Windows update of the year i.e. Windows 11 version 22H2 will be rolling out in a few weeks. This update will bring many great improvements to Task Manager and increase its functionality.

The new Task Manager in Windows 11 is getting Microsoft’s Fluent Design system, WinUI 3.0 facelift, and many other cosmetic upgrades. The design and layout of Task Manager will soon look modern and there will be a completely new layout with all of the options on the left side.

Furthermore, Task Manager will soon let you generate a live kernel dump. For those unaware, Kernel dump files create a detailed snapshot of kernel memory which allows their analysis when troubleshooting app crashes, driver errors, and Windows BSODs.

While a traditional Kernel Dump requires a system reboot, a Live Kernel Dump doesn’t. Clearly, Live Kernel Dump files are more useful in case of a non-fatal error as they don’t turn off the system.

With the latest update, Taskmanager will become even more touch-friendly. The touch-friendly UI is ideal for people with tablets or touch-screen laptops.

With the help of efficiency mode users will also be able to limit system resources (CPU) for specific programs or processes. Again the feature is focused on battery-powered Windows devices.