Windows 11 hit a wall in Adoption even after 6 months of release

Windows 11 is among the best Windows OS available in the market today although that hasn’t reflected much in its adoption rate. Recent data gathered by computer monitoring software provider AdDuplex shows perplexing results on Windows 11 OS adoption and mentions that it is stagnating.

Windows 11 adoption rate is stagnant

Upon analyzing the rate of adoption, the report by AdDuplex found out that only 19.4% of the users are on latest Windows installment. It has been more than six months since Windows 11 made its launched.

It reported a hike of 10% as of March 2022 in terms of overall users compared to the data captured back in December 2021. The Windows 11 Insiders adoption rate is currently at 0.6%.

Windows 11 adoption rate by AdDuplex

AdDuplex further states that Windows 11 managed to capture a measly 0.1% of the market share increase when compared to other Windows editions. Back in December 2021, Lansweeper mentioned that the Windows 11 adoption rate is less than 1%.

The results are resounding when compared to other Windows iterations. For context, Windows 10 comprises the largest share of the total user base at 80% which comprises several Windows updates.

The Windows 10 N21U is currently at 28.5%, Windows 10 M21U is at 26.5%, Q18U is at 2.4%, M19U is at 1.3%, N19U is at 2.4%, and Q20U is pegged at 10.8% of the total user base at the time of the study.

What could be the reason behind such results?

Well, Microsoft has made quite a lot of efforts trying to get Windows 11 on as many older machines as possible. It is currently available as an out-of-the-box OS on the latest PCs and laptops which adds to the market share as well. Talking about the stuck adoption rate, Windows 11 appears to be in a similar situation to Windows 10, 7, and XP when they arrived.

Apart from that, commercial customers aren’t willing to upgrade to Windows 11 given that millions of machines are stuck on XP and not the recent versions. According to Steve Kleynhans, a VP of research at Gartner, an uptick in terms of commercial players adopting Windows 11 isn’t expected until 2023.

According to Microsoft, people are upgrading to Windows 11 twice as fast as that Windows 10. It is currently available free of charge for Windows 10 users although you need to meet certain requirements to get your hands on the same.