Vulkan Rendering now available on PS2 Emulator: PCSX2

Developers of your favorite PS2 emulator, the PCSX2, have listened to the fan demands. Vulkan Render has made its way onto the emulator

Fans have been demanding the inclusion of the next-gen, 3D graphics and computing renderer for a while now. 

Their wishes have been answered with a tweet from the official PCSX2,Twitter account.


How to Enable Vulkan on PCSX2

1. Launch PCSX2 and head to Config drop-down menu.

2. From the menu, find the Video option.

3. Go to the Plugin Settings menu.

4. Here, you will find the Renderer option on the topic. It is selected at Direc3D 11 or OpenGL by default.

5. Click on the option and select Vulkan from the option.

6. Press the Ok button at the bottom to save the settings

Do keep in mind: Restart the game again to see the changes. 


What is Vulkan Render?

You all have heard of OpenGL, which is a pretty standard graphics renderer for most games out there.

Of late, it has started to show its age. There are a few limitations on the 3D graphics and video gaming programming, and this is where Vulkan comes in.

The new age Vulkan has superior 3D graphics and gaming interlacing with significant efficiency.

It does all of that while having lower overhead hardware, offering a bottle-neck experience consistently.