Microsoft Updates The Android Subsystem On Windows 11

Microsoft on Friday announced an update for Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 that upgrades the current version of Android running on your PC.

The new update brings the version of Windows Subsystem for Android to 2204.40000.15.0, which brings several new features and improvements such as updating to Android 12.1, major Windows integration improvements, and a new Settings app experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the changes.

Update To Android 12.1

As part of the new version, Windows 11 will now run all of your apps on the latest Android 12.1 (aka Android 12L) allowing it to take advantage of Google’s latest technologies. While this update may cause some apps to fail to launch (see the known issues for more details), Microsoft is working on a fix.

Optional Diagnostic Data

The telemetry collection option, which is found as an “optional diagnostic data” toggle in the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app, is now off by default. Users can enable this setting voluntarily to provide useful telemetry about Android app usage.

Advanced Networking

Microsoft has improved Networking for Windows Subsystem for Android on newer Insider Preview builds (OS Build 22621+), which enables Android apps to connect to devices (such as smart cameras or speakers) on the same network as your Windows PC.

Redesigned Settings App

Microsoft has redesigned the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app to include clearer settings groups, grouped navigation, and an inclusive cleaner user experience.

The update has also added a diagnostic data viewer to assess all the diagnostic data collected by the Subsystem, as well as configuration options in the new compatibility settings to turn on fixes.

Camera Improvements In Android apps

The camera app gets a few improvements, including fixed camera orientation and correct camera preview. Also, issues with bugs with letterboxing and squishing of the camera feed have now been addressed.

Improvements For Input Devices

The input devices now have improved scroll-wheel support, fixed onscreen keyboard focus, and a correct display of the Android software keyboard.

Here’s the list of the Full Changelog:

  • Windows Subsystem for Android updated to Android 12.1
  • Advanced networking on by default for newer x64 Windows builds
  • Updated Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app: redesigned UX and diagnostics data viewer added
  • Simpleperf CPU profiler recording now works with Windows Subsystem for Android
  • Windows taskbar now shows which Android apps are using microphone and location
  • Improvements to Android app notifications appearing as Windows notifications
  • Reduced flicker when apps are restored from minimized state
  • Apps are not restarted when devices come out of connected standby on recent Windows builds
  • New video hardware decoding (VP8 and VP9)
  • Fixes for on-screen keyboard in apps
  • Fixes for full-screen Android apps and auto-hidden Windows taskbar
  • Windows Subsystem for Android updated with Chromium WebView 100
  • Added support for Android NetworkLocationProvider in addition to GpsLocationProvider
  • Improved general stability, performance, and reliability

Currently, the update for Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 is available for testing only for Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, as Microsoft is looking for feedback before it makes it available on more Windows 11 PCs.