Microsoft Unveils New Tab-Based File Explorer And New Windows 11 Features

At the recent “Hybrid Work” event, Microsoft has introduced File Explorer Tabs for Windows 11, Windows 365 Cloud PC Integration, and a bunch of New Security Features. Additionally, Microsoft also unveiled its suite of apps to improve hybrid work modes in Windows 11.

So here’s everything you need to know about the new Windows 11 features and apps that will improve the OS.

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File Explorer Tabs, Folders In Start Menu, And Focus Mode

First, on the list of new features, we have the new Tab-Based File Explorer in Windows 11. This new File explorer will eliminate the need to open multiple File Explorer windows for browsing different folders and files on a PC.

File Explorer Tabs

The Tab-Based File Explorer is almost similar to a web browser and for easy access users can even pin important files and documents. Windows 11 Start Menu now supports folders for better file organization. This feature is ideal for users with touch-based Windows 11 devices.

There is an improved DND mode and Focus Timer option on Windows 11 as well. To improve accessibility for disabled users Microsoft has introduced system-wide Live captions and Voice Access.

Windows 365 Cloud PC Integration

Windows 365 is a Cloud PC solution from Microsoft and now it’s being deeply integrated into Windows 11. Some new noteworthy features of Windows 365 Cloud PC are,

Windows 365

  • Windows 365 Boot: Directly login to Windows 365 Cloud PC.
  • Windows 365 Switch: Easier transition option between Cloud PC and a local desktop within Task View of Windows 11 UI.
  • Windows 365 Offline: Access Windows 11 Cloud PC without internet. All of your data and changes will be synced as soon as you are back online.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, Microsoft has also enhanced Teams for Windows 11 with a few neat features.

These improvements include blurring the background behind you and keeping you centered in the frame. Soon, Background noise reduction will also be added. All of the new features in Teams are AI-powered.