Microsoft restricts Bing’s AI chats to FIVE replies to Keep it Natural

Microsoft has decided to put a limit of 5 responses on its Bing-powered AI chat feature to ensure that conversations remain natural and appropriate.

This move came after concerns were raised about the possibility of chatbots generating harmful content if they were allowed to engage in conversation for extended periods.

The Bing-powered chat feature was designed to help users find information and complete tasks more efficiently by engaging in natural language conversations. However, Microsoft recognized that there were potential risks associated with allowing the chatbots to converse freely with users.

Keep Conversations Clear

By restricting the number of responses to just 5, Microsoft aims to minimize the risk of generating inappropriate content while still providing a helpful and efficient tool for users.

The new restriction also encourages users to engage in more meaningful and natural conversations with other people instead of relying too much on AI for social interactions.

Although some users may be disappointed with the new limitation, Microsoft believes it is a necessary step to ensure that the AI-powered chat feature remains safe and effective.

By balancing the benefits of AI with the potential risks, the company is committed to providing a valuable tool that can be used in a responsible and constructive manner.

OpenAI and Microsoft are concerned

Although the ChatGPT technology gained a lot of attention upon its November release, potential issues have been raised by OpenAI and acknowledged by Microsoft regarding AI limitations. Despite AI’s impressive capabilities, concerns have been expressed about its potential misuse for spreading misinformation and producing phishing emails.