Microsoft Is Bringing Windows 11 Media Player To Windows 10

Alongside Windows 11, Microsoft also introduced a completely new and redesigned Media Player with a modern UI.

Up until now, the media player was exclusively available for Windows 11.

However, Microsoft is now launching the new Windows 11 Media Player to all existing Windows 10 users.

If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, you can download the Windows Media Player directly from the Microsoft Store.

Like other modern media players, Windows Media Players offers Audio CD Ripping, support for high-fidelity audio file formats, and flawless high-resolution video playback.

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Before Windows Media Player launched for Windows 10, the minimum requirement for running the app was version 11.2209.29.0, Windows 11 22000 and it has now been reduced to version 11.2209.30.0, Windows 10 19042.

Since the app will be rolled out for Windows 10 users gradually it might take some time for the app to be available for your PC.

As you might know, Groove Music was the default audio player for Windows 10, and Movies & TV was used for playing back video files.

Now, after the new Windows Media Player launch, both Groove Music and Movies & TV might become obsolete.