Intel Leak Suggests Windows 12 Will Launch In 2024

Windows 11 is still considered a new OS by the masses and a majority of people still use Windows 10 as their primary OS.

Well, you will be surprised to know that by the time Windows 11 will complete its first three years, Windows 12 will already be out.

The source behind this claim is a now-deleted tweet from known leaker @leaf_hobby (via VideoCardz) that revealed internal information from Intel regarding its upcoming Meteor Lake desktop CPUs.

These CPUs show Windows 12 as a supported operating system.

The now-deleted internal documentation (from the deleted tweet) reads as follows:

MTL-S has additional 5.0 x4 from CPU(for M.2?)
5.0 x16
5.0 x4
4.0 x4
From CPU Direct
No AVX512

Z890 has additional 4.0 x4 from chipset, x24 Gen4 lanes total
Wi-Fi 7 debut

It says support windows 12 on OS list(?)

Now only 6P+8E and 6P+16E, 8P under dev?
That’s everything I know

The CPUs mentioned in the aforementioned documents are expected to launch later this year or in early 2024. Intel’s next-generation Meteor Lake chipsets will be built on the company’s new 7nm process and may include 20 PCIe Gen 5 lanes, as well as AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities

For those unaware, Microsoft is also planning to return to the traditional three-year release cycle for major versions of the desktop Windows client.

Consequently, unlike Windows 10 all new versions of Windows will have a three-year life cycle followed by a few years of security support.