This GBA Emulator has Split Screen for Multiplayer

We all have seen several GBA emulators that have mastered the emulation for the Game Boy Advance.

However, the one developed by Robert Piep is different from the rest.

Piep has been working on a GBA core, MiSTer, that works on an FPGA board called the DE10-Nano, which can connect to your TV or monitor via an HDMI cable.

Multiplayer Split Screen Update

As we are aware of GBA’s multiplayer abilities allowed two players to compete by using two different screens. MiSTer’s “special update” has made it possible to run two GBA cores simultaneously on a single device.

What that means for users is can run two instances of the GBA core on a single display in a split-screen manner. Piep has released a video demonstration with Mario Kart Super Circuit.



The Technicalities

For those of you who are interested in how it works, you can read this section. Getting back on to the topic at hand, the Game Boy Advance core FPGA cores run two GBA cores on a single MiSTer. One is connected to the SDRAM, while the other is hooked to DDR3. Sound is provided by courtesy of the first core.


How to Download the New Core?

MisTer’s turnkey multiplayer-based GBA is currently available for his Patreon. As of now, there are no release dates for the general public.