Dolphin Emulator adds Enhanced Free Look Camera

Dolphin emulator, known for being a versatile GameCube and Wii emulator, has another feather added in their hat. The free look is a feature that allows you to look from the game’s permitted area. You can look around in the game, more than what developers intended ambit.

Dedicated Freelook Menu

Freelook options has a dedicated menu now, which can be configured according to the connected controller. Set all the bindings from one place, without requiring hectic programmed like earlier.

free look dolphin emulator settings free look configuration in dolphin emulator free look dolphin emulator


Big Changes to Free Look

Previously the Free look was limited to the mouse, but that’s not the case anymore. Owing to earlier hotkeys improvements, the free look’s control has been expanded to controllers, joysticks.

Thanks to the motion input system, the free-look camera now supports gyros-based movement as well. You can zoom in in any game level as well, thanks to the gyros support.