Developer Leaks Steam Deck Out-Of-Box-Experience

Steam Deck is just months away from the official launch. If everything goes well, millions of gamers will have access to Steam Deck by the first quarter of 2022.

That said, Valve has been sending out development Steam Deck units to developers for many days now. It seems a majority of developers have respected the embargo and not much information has been leaked about the upcoming handheld console.

However, developers have showcased the gameplay of their titles and it seems that Steam Deck can easily run a majority of AAA titles with constant frame rates. Recently, a development unit landed in the hands of a Russian developer who goes by the name Alex Koshelkov.

Well, Alex is the Founder & CEO of Crytivo. In a tweet, Alex shared the Steam Deck’s out-of-box experience. We’re also able to see the boot process of Steam Deck thanks to that tweet.

Valve has been delaying the Steam Deck launch because it should be a flawless console at launch. Well, Deck is supposed to support and run 1o00s of Windows games through a compatibility layer called Proton. To make Deck stand out from the crowd, the experience should be seamless.