This custom Windows 11 version can run on 2 GB RAM

Did you know that Microsoft 95 needed just 100 MB of space after installation? Compare that to Windows 11 which needs a good 20 GB at a minimum to get started.

I agree that the technology has gone grown manifold in the last 28 years, but a 20,000 percent increase in the size has not gone well with some users.

An independent developer NTDEV released a tiny Windows 11, called the Tiny11, that requires only 8 GB of space and 2 GB RAM to run. It is a great way to try Windows 11 on unsupported devices with a modest set of components by present standards.

How to Download?

You can find Tiny11 based on Windows 11 Pro 2H22 on It can be downloaded directly from the server or through a torrent. The ISO file had 100+ active seeders at the time of writing this piece. The download speed averaged 10 MiB/s (110-120 Mbps) on a 300 Mbps connection and it took 4 minutes to download the 2.96 GB file.

How to Install Tiny11?

Use Rufus to create a bootable installation that creates a local account and skips TPM 2.0 verification. Then you can use it to perform a clean installation on a partition. You can also take it for a spin on a virtual machine.

First Impressions of Tiny 11

You will be surprised by the lack of clutter on this version of Windows 11. No bloatware or extra apps are installed by default. Microsoft downloads basic drivers of display, Bluetooth, and other essentials from the server, so there is no issue in that department.Tiny 11

And when you get down to browsing, you won’t find a web browser installed by design to keep it minimal. You can install your preferred browser through “winget install” and sync everything up to date.

Not their First Rodeo

The developer behind Tiny 11 has made similar striped-down versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, and even XP. NTDEV has grown popular amongst the experimenting audience who want to try tweaked Windows OS for fun and other reasons.