15 Best Free Avatar Creator Websites Online in 2024

Avatars are 3D digital representations of people that are primarily used on social media profiles and video games. They are made from or based on actual images of people to create representations of themselves.

Most of us prefer to use these avatars as our profile pictures instead of our actual photos because it helps protect our online identity and keep our privacy.

Also, an avatar can be aesthetically pleasing, creating and it gives you a lot of flexibility in making the online persona you prefer in the form of an image. If you use Snapchat, you should be familiar with creating and using an avatar.

However, how can you generate Avatars for use in other media?

The majority of people mostly struggle with this, but fortunately, there are various free avatar creator websites online.

We’ve compiled the best avatar creator website that are free to make it easier for you to decide which one to use, and we’ll review each one so you can have an idea of what to expect from each.

Best Free Avatar Creator Websites

There are several free avatar creator websites out there, but we’ve rounded up the top 15 that are worth checking out below:

1. GetAvataaars

One of the best free sites for creating beautiful avatars online is GetAvataaars, which has a well-designed and straightforward interface.

Whether or not you have experience generating avatars online, this site is incredibly user-friendly and simple for anyone to use.

The free avatar website features a Random menu at the top that, when you click it, offers you a variety of avatars in case you run out of ideas for the kind of style you are interested in portraying through the customization options to make your avatar.

This random avatar generated by the site can then be further customized in terms of accessories, hair color, clothes, skin, and many more to meet your preference.

GetAvataaars also allows you to download your avatar in PNG or SVG files. Although there are some ads on the website, they are not overly bothersome.

While it doesn’t have many customization options for designing an avatar, the site is still, overall, very fascinating.

What you will like about it:

  • Well-designed and simple interface
  • Various customization options
  • Download avatars in both PNG and SVG format

Visit GetAvataaars

2. Cartoonify

Another handy web-based tool you may use to quickly create a cartoon version of yourself to use on various websites if you don’t want to use your actual image is Cartoonify.

This free avatar generator website is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make a cartoon version of oneself, thanks to its more than 300 available image customizing options and straightforward design.

This image customizing option includes those for face shape, mouth, nose, and hair cloth to represent yourself in the avatar better.

Even better, you may customize your avatar by choosing from more than ten different background selections, and avatars generated on Cartoonify can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats.

Like to GetAvataaars, this one includes a random menu where you can view the several readymade avatars offered on the website and select one to further customize to your liking.

What you will like about it:

  • Considerably fast processing time
  • Limited ads
  • Beautiful customization options
  • Allows you to create an avatar as gravatar for use in different online profiles

Visit Cartoonify

3. AvatarMaker

AvatarMakar is a particularly on-point free online tool for creating an avatar that looks just like you.

When you first use the website, you must select your gender, which then displays a default avatar that you may customize using AvatarMaker’s features to create an avatar that most closely resembles you.

The presence of up to four overall looks you can choose for your avatar, including a more realistic style, polygonal, anime-style, and a black-and-white comic strip, makes this particular avatar creator site stand out.

The website allows you to change the face details, eye color, size, clothes, and background of your avatar.  It also features editing menus that let you move your avatar the way you best prefer

It is just a well-built website for creating beautiful avatars without paying a dime.

What you will like about it:

  • Extensive avatar customization
  • Presence of four choices for your overall style
  • Neat interface
  • Provided a guide on how to use the site

Visit AvatarMaker

4. Avachara

Avachara is another website we’ve found to be useful when it comes to creating the best avatars online.

This website goes above and beyond the other websites, we’ve talked about in terms of avatar customization.

With Avachara, you may create your avatar from the ground up by selecting the skin tone, eye color, and entire outfit.

There are numerous options available for how you can dress up your avatar. You can enhance the appearance of your avatar by adding accessories like glasses and a guitar using the avatar creator.

The main drawback with the avatar creator is a slower response time when customizing an avatar than some of the other avatar-creation services we have reviewed, but that can be managed.

What you will like about it:

  • Plenty of options for dress-up and items
  • You can save your avatar in PNG and JPG

Visit Avachara

5. The Character Creator

The Character Creator is a site that provides you with a fun and easy way to represent a character for any use, whether for storytelling or an avatar to be used on social media.

This site allows you to customize your avatar from head to toe using different items from its large list of collections. It gives you a simplified method to customize your avatar and make it how you want.

After you’ve finished making changes to your avatar, you may choose to download it in the full, upper body, or close-up size. Depending on where you wish to use your avatar, you can download it in both PNG and SVG format.

What you will like about it:

  • Fun and easy way to build a full-body avatar
  • Wide range of customization options, including pets, items and all
  • Download the avatar either in full body, upper body, or close-up size

Visit The Character Creator

6. Rinmaru Games

Rinmaru Games is another site you can go to for creating avatars online, offering a variety of avatar creator and dress-up options.

The creator on this site includes the ones that create avatars in anime, fantasy, or historical style.

This website’s drag-and-drop method for customizing your avatar with different objects is a pretty cool feature.

The only drawback of using this website is that you can’t download the avatars you create there; however, you can screenshot the avatar to have an exact copy you can use.

What you will like about it:

  • Several anime characters to use I’m creating avatars
  • Uses the drag-and-drop method for customizing

Visit Rinmaru Games

7. Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker is another straightforward avatar creator website online with you can create a beautiful avatar for whatever kind of use.

The site leads you directly to a page where you can click on the Randomizer option to provide you with a random avatar that you can download or further edit to meet your preference.

On the other hand, you can start creating your avatar from scratch using the customization option aligned at the top of the website, starting from the hairstyle and head shape up until items and accessories.

After you are done with the customization, you can download the with a single, and the avatar will be downloaded as PNG.

What you will like about it:

  • Simple avatar creator site
  • All customization options are lined up at the top of the page
  • Plenty of styles to customize your avatar

Visit Portrait Illustration Maker

8. Picrew

Picrew is a popular avatar creator that has been around for a while now and allows you to generate avatars in the form of anime and manga images.

It gives you several popular anime images, from which you can select and create an avatar using the site’s customization options.

One of the things we like about this site is the multiple customization options it offers which make it very suitable for anyone that wants to play around with their avatar more in terms of customization.

After customizing the avatar to what suits you, you can then download it as PNG to your device.

What you will like about it:

  • Several manga characters to create an avatar with
  • Best set of background for your avatar
  • Download as PNG

Visit Picrew

9. My Blue Robot

My Blue Robot is another fantastic choice we were able to find when looking deeper into the top free avatar creation websites. This website’s avatar creation functions exactly like Cartoonify’s does.

My Blue Robot cuts through the fluff and lets you design an avatar for yourself using the site’s straightforward customization options. To make an avatar, you simply have to select the gender you want, then test with various customization options until you get the look you like.

As a free website, you can expect ads on it. However, I never experienced many interruptions from ads while using it. So, in addition to having a clean interface, it doesn’t bombard users with too many ads.

What you will like about it:

  • Straightforward avatar creator
  • Has a clean interface

Visit My Blue Robot

10. Piratetar

Piratetar is an avatar generator for making full-body pirate avatars. So this is the best website for you if you enjoy movies like Pirate of the Caribbean and want to make an avatar of yourself as Jack Sparrow or Henry Morgan.

It’s easy to use the website; all you have to do is start by building your avatar from scratch, choosing body part designs, outfits, and accessories until you have the character you want.

What you will like about it:

  • Create an avatar in the form of a pirate character
  • Wide range of outfits and customization options

Visit Piratetar

11. South Park Avatar Creator

The South Park Avatar Creator should be your go-to if you enjoy the South Park characters and want to base your avatar on them.

This is an official site for creating avatars based on South Park characters, and it is absolutely straightforward to use.

On the website, you may customize your avatar by selecting a variety of skin tones, your preferred eye color, your preferred mouth shape, the ideal attire for the avatar, and even a nice background and meme.

That’s just a few of the customization options it offers, and each has a wide range of selections you can choose from.

The website lets you store your avatars in the My Avatar section for later use, and you always screenshot the avatar you generate on it to be used as your profile picture elsewhere.

What you will like about it

  • Seamless creates avatars based on South Park characters
  • Store avatar in my My Avatar section for later use
  • Variety of skin tones for customization

Visit South Park Avatar Creator

12. Superherotar

If you are a fan of superhero kinds of stuff and you want to create an avatar off your favorite superhero character, Superherotar is the best website you can use for that.

This site allows you to create a full-body superhero avatar in an easy and fun manner.

All you have to do is select your preferred dress-up combination to meet with your preferred Marvel character: Captain America,  Wonder Woman, Thor, or any other.

Superherotar has a user-friendly interface and has the best set of customization options to get a Marvel avatar that you will like.

When done with the customization, you can then click on Save & Share to download the avatar in your preferred aspect ratio.

What you will like about it:

  • Allows you to create avatars in the form of superhero characters
  • Provides an overall customization option

Visit Superherotar

13. Charat

Charat is another best online avatar-making for creating cute(Kawaii) Chibi characters which originated from Japan.

The site is easy to use for creating anime avatars, and the characters to use are premade, so you simply have to click on one and customize it to the way you like.

The customization options included on this avatar maker include facial expression, skin tones, hairstyle, accessories, and many more.

What you will like about it:

  • Easy to create avatars as characters are premade
  • Beautiful options to customize your avatar

Visit Charat

14. Canva

Most likely, you’ve used or heard of Canva, a well-known graphics tool. Canva is a tool that may be used to make avatars, albeit it might not be as similar to the other ones on this list as some of the others.

By typing “avatar” into the app’s search box, you can see several results that include avatars that other authors have made for use by others.

You will get results of both paid and free ones, so you can go for the free one and make edits to it if you like.

This option may not be recommended if you want something very unique as your avatar or don’t know how to edit graphics to suit your preference.

What you will like about it:

  • Premade avatar
  • Allows you to edit those premade avatars

Visit Canva

15. Media.io 3D Avatar Maker

The final choice on our list of the top online avatar creator websites is the Media.io 3D Avatar Maker.

With the help of this tool, you can create avatars using your actual image in the 3D Doll, Disney, Barbie, sketch, kawaii, LOL, caricature, and American comics formats.

Using this website is automatic because the tool generates an avatar that matches the image you’ve uploaded once you choose the style you wish to use.

However, before you can download your generated avatar, the program will ask you to register with them. This is presumably a way to purchase their premium products, but it shouldn’t be a major concern.

What you will like about it:

  • Automatic avatar generator
  • Generate an avatar using your real picture

Visit Media.io 3D Avatar Maker

Why Should You Use Avatar Online?

Here are the reasons why you should use Avatar online:

  • While the internet is full of identity theft, you can protect yourself by not using your real picture and using an avatar instead.
  • Using an avatar allows you to protect your privacy and remain anonymous online
  • Avatar allows you to use a unique profile image across your profile with the help of services like Gravatar, which may not need to be updated frequently.
  • It allows you to give a customized representation of yourself.


What is the best free avatar creator?

AvatarMaker is one of the best free avatar generators available online since it offers a simple method for making avatars with a variety of customizing options to make your avatar as attractive as possible. The article has also covered some other top free avatar makers.

How can I make an avatar online for free?

If you want to create an avatar for free online, you must first visit one of the websites we have covered in this article based on the type of avatar you want to create; then, you must begin customizing the avatar to suit your preferences.

Is there a WhatsApp avatar?

Yes, WhatsApp allows you to create an avatar for your profile image.

How do I create an avatar on Whatsapp?

Here is how to create an avatar on your WhatsApp:

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and click the three-dot at the top-right corner of your WhatsApp.
  2. On the resulting drop-down menu, select Settings.
  3. Now click on your profile picture, then tap the edit icon beside your profile picture on the resulting page.
  4. Then select Add or edit profile picture, and you will be brought to a different menu where you should click on Avatar to customize an avatar for your WhatsApp profile picture.

Wrap Up

The best free avatar creator websites have been discussed in this article, from those that create only standard avatars to others that can be used to create superhero and anime avatars.

The majority of these ads are pretty manageable for a free application, so using them won’t be an issue for you.