Adobe Acrobat PDF is Coming to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft will use Adobe’s Acrobat reader to view PDF files on Edge. This collaboration will use the Acrobat PDF engine in the browser, with a release which is scheduled for March 2023.

Most home users and non-managed devices will automatically receive this update with no option to opt-out. The managed devices will need to opt-in to receive this update.

This update brings in markup tools, better accessibility, and improved security for PDFs. The addition of Acrobat PDF’s capabilities will be native to Edge and will not require installing an add-on.

But if you want to use advanced options like PDF editing, file conversion, and merging, then an add-on will be needed to add the extra capabilities. This will require a paid Acrobat subscription. The existing subscribers can log in to use it in Microsoft Edge.

Which platforms will get this new capability?

Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and 11 will get this update in March. On the other hand, macOS users will have to wait for the release date.

Will the added Acrobat PDF capabilities on Microsoft Edge cost money to users?

The standard built-in PDF capabilities on Edge will be free. If you want to use advanced features like editing PDF, conversion, etc, then you will require an Acrobat subscription, which can be purchased from the browser. The existing subscribers can sign in and continue to use the features in the browser.

How can premium subscribers activate Acrobat’s advanced features on Microsoft Edge?

Head to the top-right corner of the PDF view and click on a message which says to try the advanced features. If you are not subscribed, then you can follow the prompts for becoming a paid member. Those who are already subscribed can simply log in and use all the available features.

Will my default PDF viewer be replaced with Microsoft Edge?

No, your default set viewer will not be replaced. You can choose to open them in the browser if required.

The Microsoft Edge PDF update schedule

March 2023 September 2023 March 31st, 2024
Consumer Devices Rollout to users begins.



Rollout to users completes. N/A
Managed devices Opt-in policy starts. · Rollout to managed devices begins.

· Opt-in policy expires.

· Opt-out policy begins.

· Opt-out policy expires.

· Microsoft Edge legacy PDF engine is scheduled to be removed.