Windows Update Supposed to Fix Windows 11 Installation Issue Fails to Install on Many PCs

According to the latest reports online, Microsoft has found itself in trouble with the release of the Windows Update KB5014668. The company had released the KB5014668 update to fix a problem that prevented users from upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10.

However, many recent reports claim that many users are not able to install the KB5014668 update on their PCs in the first place.

In other words, bugs in the update have created another great example of irony in the world of tech. Those who had trouble installing the said update took it to Reddit and Microsoft forums, which saw an overflow of complaints and comments.

Apparently, many users tried to install the update without any luck. Rebooting the system multiple times did not work, either. The KB5014668 update has been anticipated by a lot of people since it fixes a DirectX issue and a Wi-Fi hotspot issue, among others.

Nevertheless, some users went to the extent of contacting Microsoft Support to fix the issue. Microsoft tech support suggested an in-place upgrade to Windows 11 and to try installing Windows Update KB5014668 in the next step.

A user who goes by the name CamiAraceli says that they were able to install the said update on their PC after the in-place upgrade and several reboot attempts.

Therefore, if you would like to leverage the fixes introduced in the Windows Update KB5014668, you might consider following the steps recommended by Microsoft. Even though it is a complicated way, you can install Windows 11 and other bug fixes.

As it happens, Microsoft has not rolled out any solution for this problem. Considering that a number of PCs have been affected, the comp