Windows 11 official support and more on Steam Deck’s month anniversary

Steam Deck completed its first month anniversary last week. With over 850 thousand reservations under its belt, Valve’s newest console will have smooth sailing for a few quarters.

The figures are for the developed market alone as the release has been limited to the western countries. There can be only estimations of the number that may shoot up with the availability in Asia and the middle-east region.

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Windows 11 and 10 Support on Steam Deck

With some drivers that need to be worked on, you can straight away install Windows 10 on Steam Deck. Windows 11 support is around the corner, with fTPM support currently in beta and should be out soon.

Windows 11 on Steam Deck

Valve is working closely with AMD and other partners to provide official Windows driver support on a priority basis.

Deck Verified Games

Steam Deck now has over 2,000 games verified or playable on the console. The catalog will continue to expand as more games are tested and verified for the console.

Valve has also added a feedback system to nudge the rating in the right direction.

Games beyond Steam

Gaben Newell led company is working closely with Microsoft to bring Xbox Cloud gaming to Steam Deck through the Microsoft Edge browser. The game library is about to get more exciting.

Improving Battery Life

Steam Deck is also being optimized for improving the battery. Valve is promising anywhere between 2 to 8 hours of game-play. You can squeeze more juice out of the battery, but that will take you down to 15 FPS.